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Best Email Marketing Tools : How to Use Them

Best Email Marketing Tools: How to Use Them

Email marketing tools (ferramentas de email marketing in Portuguese) were created to make life easier for those managing extensive email lists and, consequently, working with mass mailings.

Imagine a company communicating with 10 million recipients every 15 days (a debt collection company, for example, that needs to send digital invoices). It becomes impossible to manage message issuance manually, doesn’t it?

In addition to the basic functionality of automation in sending messages, email marketing tools allow professionals to segment contacts, work with ready-made templates for email creation, and track campaign performance (metrics).

Support from email marketing tools is essential not only for managing a contact base but also for maintaining communication productivity.

Essential also for email marketing to work is email verification. This is the most effective way to maintain a good delivery rate, as an unverified email list is subject to provider blocking.

All this is ideal for good planning. And speaking of that, how about delving a little deeper into this subject through the webinar we’ve prepared?

According to the Statista website, global email marketing revenue is expected to reach about US $17 million by 2027. Just this reason alone is enough to draw the attention of marketing professionals to the importance of email marketing tools.

But do you know how to take advantage of everything an email marketing tool can offer? Let’s see why it’s so important to work with one.

How automation works in an email marketing too

Automation is a very effective strategy for building relationships with thousands of leads.

This feature allows the creation of personalized communication, and therefore, more engaging and persuasive, making the lead identify with what is being said.

Audience segmentation is another advantage for those working with an email marketing tool.

With leads grouped according to their purchasing behavior, it’s possible to create completely customized message sending flows. Thus, communication work gains strength and effectiveness.

Let’s see in detail what benefits an email marketing tool can offer:

Organization of leads through segmentation according to the priorities you establish. Interests, geographical location, purchasing behavior, etc.

Productivity optimization through mass dispatches. That is, you can communicate with thousands of segmented leads and run different campaigns simultaneously.

Practicality with the use of ready-made templates to send campaigns. You can customize the design and copy of thousands of ready-made email marketing templates.

Continuous improvement, through tracking metrics. Observe the audience’s receptivity and improve what’s working.

It’s worth noting that large email lists require the work of email marketing tools, as it’s impossible to track metrics manually.

How to choose the best email marketing tools

In the world of email marketing, reputation is everything. Including when choosing the tool that will assist in campaign management.

  1. Research, if possible through social proof, the reputation of the platforms among professionals. This way, you can predict if the tool meets your expectations in terms of performance, cost-benefit, among other factors.
  2. Also observe what features they offer. Just as each company has its peculiarities, email marketing tools also have different features, and many of them may not meet your marketing needs. Don’t wait to find out after hiring the tool!
  3. Another important item to be evaluated is the level of platform integration. To use automation in sending messages, you’ll need to upload your email lists, right?

Therefore, before hiring, research if the platform integrates with your CRM service (if you use one).

Usually, an email marketing campaign includes a landing page, and this is another type of integration fundamental to the success of email marketing. So, make sure the chosen company can work together with your LP service.

  1. Another element subject to evaluation: does the company offer KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reports? Tracking metrics is essential for the success of any campaign. Therefore, email marketing tools that do not offer this service are completely outdated.

How to better leverage your tool

A/B testing is an ally for professionals to get to know the buyer persona better.

Moreover, this feature offers insights on how to improve content, since observing the audience’s preferences is the main goal of the test. And with a positive experience, leads convert more.

By sending different versions to a sample of your email list, you stop working with hypotheses and use data as a campaign structure. More assertiveness than that is impossible!

A/B testing is simple to apply and can be done by most email marketing tools. Take advantage of this experiment to increase engagement and conversion of your audience.

Turning MQL into SQL

MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) are the contacts that have turned into leads by being inserted into an email marketing tool.

Leads that have passed the first stage of the funnel begin to be prepared to become SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads), and email marketing tools record the passage between all stages of the marketing funnel.

These records determine the persona’s history. With this data, it’s possible to know how receptive a segment can be to future campaigns and return to buy.


In digital marketing, email marketing tools are indispensable and represent many competitive advantages.

Among all the features, the ability to track campaign performance is one of the most important because, through it, it’s possible to analyze strengths and weaknesses and promote necessary modifications.

No large-scale strategy can materialize in the absence of an email marketing tool.