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Email marketing examples to inspire your Halloween campaigns

Email marketing examples to boost your sales on Halloween

Email marketing examples are easy to find. It’s really difficult to find ideas that transform conversions into sales.

And even if they are found, it is very dangerous to use them as a model, as each brand is unique and what works for one may not adapt to another.

The same works with the public: each brand has its persona, which in turn, has different preferences.

You may have already realized that working with email marketing examples can become a nightmare, as it is easier to get things wrong than to get them right when using preconceived communication models.

The goal is to be a reference. So, email marketing examples should only be used to inspire.

Email marketing, as well as Inbound, advances towards the personalization of content, with the aim of promoting rapprochement with the public and avoiding that “plastered” advertising image.

In other words: email marketing, when used strategically, becomes humanized and presents messages based on the reader’s interests.

So, let’s talk about inspiring examples to get you excited about Halloween sales!

For the first step, your list must to be alive!

First of all, you need to know a fundamental detail for the success of your campaign: does your list contain any ghost emails (that is, those that have not engaged for at least 3 months)?

If there is just one email that doesn’t participate in anything (doesn’t click, doesn’t convert, etc.), you run a serious risk of seeing your email marketing dead!

To avoid this, perform email validation before planning your campaign. After this phase, you can safely move on to creating your sales strategy for Halloween.

Your email marketing campaign plan should start with a few key questions:

  • Which part of the funnel is your audience in?
  • Is there an item from your product/service line that can be included in a promotion?
  • Is there any product/service that can be offered in cross-selling (additional sales)?
  • Is it possible to integrate other communication channels into your email marketing campaign (social media, for example)?

The answers will define the tone of voice of your communication and the campaign goal.

With the strategy thoughts outlined, it’s time to move on to inspiring email marketing examples.

See below the best way to look for good references!

Beware of Frankenstein email marketing examples

It is a fact that creativity needs stimulation. And Internet makes it easier to search for all kinds of references.

An item that haunts the layout of an email marketing is the joining of many references into a single piece.

Be aware of excesses. One mistake in applying the idea and you create a corpulent and patched-up layout that, instead of attracting, will end up repelling the email recipient.

And scaring the lead is the last thing you want, right?

Create otherworldly subject lines

Subject lines are extremely important to make your email stand out among the thousands of others in the inbox.

Therefore, be creative not only in good copy, but also in the use of gifs, which are fun and match the relaxed language of the Halloween season.

The ace in the hole to boot the sells on halloween

Have you ever thought about relating Halloween to Black Friday?

Applying an exclusive benefits program helps with engagement and can boost sales.

As Halloween is close to Black Friday, why not create a Loyalty Program based on points and discounts?

The idea is to encourage leads to make purchases at both events!

Let’s explain this idea better:

  • You separate a category of products/services to sell exclusively on Halloween.
  • Each product is worth a score. And each score is equivalent to a discount for Black Friday purchases.
  • For example: your lead purchased product X (equivalent to 10 points) and another product Y (equivalent to 15 points). The total number of points acquired during purchases results in 25.
  • 25 points are equivalent to a X% discount coupon, to be used on Black Friday.
  • The more purchases, the higher the lead score will be to use coupon on Black Friday!


This scoring program (which you will give a specific name) must be very detailed in your email marketing campaign.

Clearly present which products are on sale on Halloween, along with the equivalent score to use on Black Friday.

You can run your campaign in the format of a catalogue. But don’t forget that a good copy is the soul of the business!

The coolest thing about this is that you can retain your leads. Then, create an email list containing all the customers who participated in the promotion.

This way, you will have this segment of leads in your records to send your next email marketing campaigns.

So, are you ready to make a splash in sales?

Happy Halloween!

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