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Luck or success?

Which will be the one we wish for you today?

Let me explain:

  • if you did not prepare to make the most of each lead based on quality, in today’s campaign, we wish you luck.
  • if you are going to check each email in real-time and, as a result, make a  conversion and create a relationship, we wish you success.

You might think: “they’re just sayin’ this ‘cause they’re looking out for themselves,” but we wouldn’t promote it if it wasn’t a true benefit as well as an incredible competitive advantage for your company.

Remember: email verification prevents more than 20% contact loss. And, in the very busy days of our times, when everyone wants to get the most out of the offers, the number of typos is huge.

Having an email verifier or checker (the same thing) is a savings you’ll feel every month.

You’ll also have the option to check your email base and avoid getting lost in the tidal wave of bounces and blocks.

You can have a free trial.

Have a look at the testimonials from those who adopted this solution:

“introducing new software or a new service into a company is something that usually is exhausting. This has not been the case. After the decision to start using it, as of the second, third time, everything already was quite normal.” HUMBERTO SARDENBERG superintendent of  ICATU SEGUROS.

Doubts? You can talk to one of us.

You know hashtag #tamujunto ?

Here, it’s the mission.

So? Will 2021 be a year of success or luck?