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What is AMP email and why it increases conversions

What is AMP email and why it increases conversions

AMP email is a technology created to promote interaction. You know those messages through which you can schedule an appointment with your doctor?

Or those where the sender asks you to respond to a survey, clicking on one, two, three or four stars, according to your level of satisfaction?

That’s what AMP emails are. And emails with this type of content have much more engagement power than static messages, as they promote public involvement using people’s direct action. And entertainment is often used as a tool.

This way, conversion rates increase. With diverse content, emails become more attractive and delight the users.

You can create your AMP email and test it in your inbox before sending your marketing email. This way, you will be able to view all the details, improving whatever is necessary.

This is a powerful aid for campaigns to achieve their objectives. After all, generating and nurturing leads via email becomes easier when the message captivates the recipient.

See below how AMP email works compared to a static email.

AMP email and gamification

Gamification is  used in AMP email to promote discounts and special promotions.

One example is the Wheel of Fortune, which allows the sender to grant diverse discounts. The customer can win 30%, 15%, 5% and any other variable that is present in the game.

This stimulus attracts the user’s attention and increases the click rate, since, to play, it is necessary to click.

The conversion rate follows the success of the action as a whole. In addition to Wheel of Fortune, which is quite popular, any type of game can be inserted into an AMP email: coupons hidden behind elements is another example, among many others.

Interactive calculators

Interactive calculators allow the user to make a price quote, calculate the value of loan installments, the ROI of an investment, among countless other features.

This is particularly beneficial for e-commerce emails. But other types of communication are also covered, especially those involving marketing automation.

You can insert an interactive calculator into your communication strategy by sending email flows, such as drip campaigns to encourage the lead to interact in the first contacts and create a relationship with them.

AMP email is, without doubts, a tool that has the power to bring customers closer to your product or service.

RSVP to your event

The RSVP can serve as a reminder of your event while making it easier to plan.

After all, with confirmation of the number of participants in hand, it is easier to predict whether people are really interested in attending your webinar, workshop, conference or seminar.

And an interactive email is much more interesting than a static message. Therefore, sending an RSVP via AMP email ends up being an incentive for the lead to participate in the event.

You can customize the approach in the way that best identifies with your persona’s aspirations. It could be a form asking the person to enter their name to confirm, or simply click the confirmation button.

AMP email and Interactive Quizzes

You can create a trivia quiz to pique the user’s interest, insert an evaluation questionnaire about a certain product in your email and much more.

The possibilities are endless! And the best thing for digital marketing is the possibility of sharing on social media, in the case of scoring quizzes.

Interactive questionnaires allow you to assess your audience’s preferences and gather valuable information to improve your email marketing.

Take advantage of the tool to customize questions according to the stage of the marketing funnel.

Market Research

With market research, you access relevant information about your persona’s behavior and improve your campaigns.

You can do this by inserting interactive forms, adding custom fields to your lead feels even more motivated to participate.

The collection of responses can also be carried out via integration with your preferred app.

Market Research, in addition to providing valuable insights, generates relationships with leads. This way, your company is present and concerned about users’ opinions.

It’s important to know about AMP email

Although it does not interfere with email marketing strategies, it is important to know that the characteristics of AMP technology were created to be used in real time. Therefore, emails generated from this resource have a short shelf life.

After 30 days from the sending date, the message can only be viewed in HTML.


Interactive emails are much more likely to win users’ preference. As a result, clicks, conversions and preferences for your brand only tend to increase. Use AMP email as an email marketing strategy and see the results in the ROI of your campaigns!