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Why work with a bulk email sender

Why work with a bulk email sender?

A bulk email sender, when used correctly, is a communication tool that can generate numerous benefits.

But what does it mean to use a bulk email sender correctly?

Let’s think about it, starting with the following principle: email offers great advantages for professionals who use it in their strategies.

  • It is an individualized communication system. This allows messages to be totally personalized, increasing the possibility of generating a connection between the sender and the recipient.
  • There are no intermediaries between the brand and the user. This eliminates a series of bottlenecks that could occur due to third-party interference in communication.
  • There are no direct production costs, i.e. there is no need to invest in printers, couriers, etc.

For these and other reasons, email has become an accessible tool for all types of professionals and companies, who can send their messages to thousands of users at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

How to use a bulk email sender system the right way

The downside of all this accessibility is the generation of spam. Just as thousands of useful messages are created for companies and consumers, thousands of unauthorized emails are also generated by the recipient.

That’s where the right way to use a bulk email sender comes in: through email validation. This is because the sender needs to have a list of valid emails in order not to be classified as a spammer by ISPs.

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But can a free bulk email sender meet your company’s needs? Keep reading and draw your own conclusions!

Free or paid bulk email sender?

Everything will depend on the size of your mailing list. The larger the base, the greater the need to hire an automation platform to send the messages.

Most bulk email platforms offer freemium services; you use them for free for a period and then pay to continue using them.

However, if you work in email marketing, be aware of the functionalities of the platforms that offer free services. Mailchimp, for example, offers 10,000 monthly mailings for lists containing up to 2,000 contacts.

SafetyMails has created a specific article on the functionalities of free platforms. Check it out and choose the one that best suits your company’s needs.

It’s important to note that it’s not possible to send bulk emails via Outlook or email providers.

If you work with thousands of emails, the automation service must be more robust than the functions of a free platform.

There are companies that deal with sending numerous messages every day (a billing company, for example). If this is your case, a paid platform is the best solution, not least because you will need some functions that only a paid platform can offer: metrics analysis, A/B testing, etc.

What your company gains from an email trigger system

Starting with process automation, a bulk email sender is a real hand in the wheel for those who work with email marketing.

This is because through this tool, companies can:

  • Streamline the email creation process, with ready-made layout options offered by the platforms.
  • Create a sales funnel and nurture their leads, with segmentation and the creation of personalized campaign sending flows.
  • Integrate the sending platform with various web services that offer complementary communication services. SafetyMails is an example of integration with the best email trigger services.
  • Monitor KPIs, with metrics reports and A/B tests for optimizing email marketing campaigns.
  • Scale your business by streamlining processes and making better use of lead and campaign management time.

As you can see, the services of an email trigger go far beyond simple sending. They are essential functions for business growth and digital entrepreneurship.

Check out the priority points for bulk email production below.

What not to miss in bulk email sender

Email verification

A triggering platform can’t do its job of optimizing campaigns without an email validation service.

After all, a mailing list full of bounces won’t reach the recipients’ inbox because the messages will be blocked.

In short, the IP sender of unverified emails is labeled a spammer and suffers a huge loss of ROI when its reputation is tarnished.

It’s always good to remember that a mailing list containing at least 3% bounces is blocked. So, before you choose your mass mailing platform, check your emails.


You’ve invested time in planning and executing email marketing strategies; you’ve studied the pains and desires of your persona; you’ve created the ideal copy; you’ve thought of the best way to delight your customer and you’ve sent your campaign.

Imagine if your audience opens the email on their cell phone and can’t see the message properly because the layout hasn’t been optimized for devices other than the desktop.

Responsiveness (or the lack of it) can ruin your campaigns. So pay attention to the size of fonts, the weight of images (each email should support images up to 500 kb), and other elements that provide the best user experience on all available devices.

Generally, the sending platforms make it possible to view the layout on various devices, precisely so that the professional can check that the email is meeting the responsiveness requirements. All that remains is for the professional to remember to observe this detail.

A/B testing

A/B testing is very important for a campaign’s assertiveness. Through A/B testing, professionals have access to the audience’s preferences, so they can promote a communication that meets the lead’s needs.

It’s worth remembering that A/B testing is applicable to almost every component of an email marketing campaign. Here are a few:

  • Subject lines, preheaders and CTAs.
  • Colors and other visual elements.
  • Amount of text and images.
  • Best days and times to send.


What is the function of a bulk email sender system?

Promote an automated communication system by sending email marketing campaigns. The tool also offers metrics monitoring services, A/B testing, ready-made layouts, etc.

Is the free email trigger enough to meet companies’ needs?

It depends on the needs of the company and the size of the email marketing lists. There are free trigger platforms that cover more than a thousand sends a month, for lists of more than a thousand contacts. In general, small companies with small lists benefit the most.

Why is email verification so important for bulk email sender performance?

In order for email marketing to have the desired effect of delivering messages to the recipients’ inboxes, mailing lists need to be free of bounces.

In short, email verification sanitizes databases by removing all invalid emails. This prevents the providers from blocking them and results in the messages being sent to the inbox.