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5 email marketing actions to rock on Black Friday 2023

Time flies and Black Friday 2023 is less than 3 months away.

This is the ideal period to test the public’s preferences, get to know them better and segment leads interested in the characteristic discounts of the season. In other words, great deals are in the crosshairs.

Black Friday was created to increase demand, but what few people realize is that its wake continues to bear fruit even after its end.

The season between Black Friday and Christmas also represents great deals. Due to the proximity between the dates, it is easy to prepare the lead to buy again for the last party of the year.

In the wake of this idea, many shopkeepers created Black Week, and the most excited, Black November. Thus, the consumer can shop in advance for Christmas.

But and you? Are you already planning for Black Friday 2023?

Check out 5 recommended actions for you to boost your email marketing at this very profitable time!

The months leading up to Black Friday are perfect for building anticipation among the public. There are many ways to attract the attention of those waiting for special offers via email marketing.

The important thing right now is to create a consumer connection with the products that will be part of the offer grid.

Below are some suggestions for email marketing campaigns.

  • Warming up: email campaigns can be created exclusively to attract the consumer in this period. Create first-hand offers to nurture the lead and turn it into a buyer. If he is satisfied with his shopping experience, he will certainly want this process to repeat itself.
  • Coupons: do you want to guarantee the presence of the lead on your Black Friday? Issue discount coupons before the event and ask them to present it on the day. This is a way to fuel their expectations while promoting your brand recall.
  • Fremium system: many services can provide free access to consumers for a certain period of time. The tool starts to be charged after the end of the period. Do you know a more effective way to approach the lead other than making them try the product before buying it?

2. Looking for opportunities

Research your product or service’s position on the demand scale. This means that you can create strategies that go in favor of what people want.

Smartphones are in high demand, but does your product have any similarity that can take advantage of this?

For example, if you sell jeans, why not send a promotional email marketing with pictures of your jeans accompanied by a cell phone in the pocket?

This way, you provoke people’s imagination by wearing the pants you want to sell along with the new cell phone they are going to buy.

Black Friday is a true search for opportunities for both the consumer and the retailer. Use creativity to go further!

3. Less is more? Not always

Progressive discounts are a technique that encourages increased consumption to provide more discounts.

As this strategy works with volumes of products, it is ideal for those who are going to do Black November.

The possibility of announcing a different progressive discount each week heats up your email marketing and creates anticipation for the next promotions that will arrive in the inbox.

And in this case, the more, the better!

4. Use triggers wisely

Okay, you’re tired of hearing about the use of mind triggers. And the consumer too! Therefore, care must be taken when applying them in email marketing messages.

It’s a fact that the human brain likes a little help when making decisions, but that doesn’t mean that the mental trigger should be used literally.

Always remember that the lead is a real person, who is interested in what you have to say.

The Significance trigger works this aspect well: it is about valuing the customer, making it clear that he is unique. This is why personalization is so successful in digital marketing strategies.

Pay attention to campaign titles, the subject line of the email and wherever else you establish communication with your audience.

Working triggers works before, during and after Black Friday. But to be successful, you can’t go wrong.

Overdoing it can create a negative experience for leads, and that’s the last thing you want to trigger in them, right?

5. Waitlists for Black Friday 2023

Since this period is ideal for getting to know the lead better, why not create a waiting list for those who want to find good deals?

Display one or more products and create a landing page with a registration form on the website.

Collect data from interested leads to shorten the path between you and great business opportunities.

So, are you excited to rock? Good Black Friday 2023!