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Email marketing platform the best for your business

Email marketing platform: the best for your business

Are all email marketing platforms the same? Of course not! There are those that prioritize lead nurturing, others that favor the diversification of layouts, others that give more relevance to KPIs, among many other features.

In this article, we’re going to analyze the details of the best email marketing platforms so that you can adapt them to the needs of your business.

You can use more than one, if that’s the case. What matters is that you know the qualities that each one has to offer, and that your budget allows for the services of the chosen platform.

But why is an email marketing platform so necessary?

At first, you can work without an email marketing tool, but there will come a time when it will be impossible to keep your leads nurtured if you don’t have an automated system doing the work.

In other words, it means that if you have a small mailing list, you can even do some things, like using a free verifier, for example.

As your mailing lists grow, you’ll also need to hire more robust management services. Just to give you an idea, billing companies send thousands of emails every day.

And it’s not just about sending them. You need to segment and qualify leads, monitor campaign metrics to find out what can be improved, and make integrations that make your work easier (CRM, for example).

There are many functionalities offered by email marketing platforms, and SafetyMails has created this article so that you can take advantage of the tips and draw your own conclusions!

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Among email marketing platforms, Mailchimp is one of the most famous. In the free version, users can send more than 10,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 contacts.

This is a real hand in the wheel for those starting out, but it’s worth remembering that verifying emails is essential for lead generation to be effective.

This is because an unverified list is susceptible to bad emails, and bases that contain at least 3% bounces are blocked. So be vigilant and validate your emails frequently.

In addition to the free services, Mailchimp also offers a user-friendly interface for building layouts, with a variety of options and integrations with the main tools used in e-commerce.

The paid versions contain three plans with different functionalities, which expand according to the option chosen.

Constant Contact

Automation and flows for sending email marketing, lead segmentation, integration with social networks, among other features, are in the Constant Contact system, one of the oldest email marketing platforms on the market.

The tool also offers an intuitive interface for creating responsive emails, with the option of importing contacts from Outlook, Salesforces and other platforms.

In the free version, the user has access to the services for 30 days and, after this period, opts for one of the available plans.

Get Response

One of the greatest uses of this platform is that it provides a wide range of layouts for personalizing emails, including the use of stock photos.

Get Response is a tool that caters well for professionals who work with blogs, due to the availability of email templates for RSS, (which informs readers about updates to the most recent posts).

The platform also contains a landing page creator for e-commerce and lead generation via registration forms.

Automation guarantees the creation of personalized sending flows and the insights generated by viewing KPIs help to improve campaigns.

Get Response offers access to all the features free of charge for 30 days. After this period, the user opts for one of the four plans available.

Active Campaign

The free version of Active Campaign offers templates for registration forms. So you can build a contact list from scratch.

But for this strategy to have the desired effect, you need to protect your forms by installing a real-time email verification API.

The insertion of emails with errors is very common in registration forms. For example, gamil instead of gmail is one of the most common mistakes. Errors of this kind lead to the construction of a list full of bounces.

The verification API will correct mistyped emails in real time, preventing bad emails from entering the forms.

Active Campaign also provides comprehensive KPI reports and a CRM available to users who subscribe to one of the sales-oriented plans.

The tool offers four packages, each geared to different email marketing needs.

RD Station email marketing platform

With a user-friendly interface and ready-made templates for customizing campaigns, the RD Station email marketing platform provides marketing automation for you to structure lead nurturing.

The tool also enables integration with social networks, which makes it easier to distribute campaigns beyond email marketing. An intuitive landing page editor and metrics tracking are also included in the RD Station system.

The tool offers a 10-day free trial, after which users can choose one of the four plans available to those who work with email marketing.

Brevo email marketing platform

Brevo’s free version provides the ability to send 300 emails a day, templates for personalizing emails, plugins for integrations, among other features that are well suited to email marketing professionals.

The paid versions contain three packages, which include marketing automation, e-commerce plugins, landing page creation and registration forms.


What are the main differences between email marketing platforms?

All platforms offer marketing automation, but what differentiates them is their priorities. Some tools give more importance to monitoring KPIs, others give priority to customizing templates, etc. There is also the option of free and paid versions. For the most part, the free alternatives cater well for professionals who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of demand.

Why is it important to work with an email marketing platform?

Email lists grow and there comes a time when it becomes impossible to manage lists with thousands of contacts. Email marketing platforms provide automation services that are essential for lead nurturing, campaign optimization and many other email marketing needs.