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Google Postmaster Tools

Google Postmaster Tools: what it is and how to set it up?

Google Postmaster Tools are useful tools to email senders and can help you protect your domain and email deliverability.

These tools are helping many marketers to improve marketing metrics and KPIs all over the globe because this service makes you identify and correct any issues related to email deliverability.

  • What is Google Postmaster Tools?
  • How to set up the Google Postmaster Tools?
  • Why should you use Google Postmaster Tools?

What is Google Postmaster Tools?

The Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) is a service by Google that measures the performances of email senders, in relation to spam, deliverability, authentication, and many other aspects. 

The results are displayed in easy-to-read dashboards. This way, marketers can understand how their emails are behaving after they are sent, identifying any issues concerning their deliverability.

It’s important to mention that you can explore Google Postmaster Tools if you send a great number of emails to Gmail users. In addition, the GPT is a tool that you can use for free.

Despite the Postmaster Tools being limited to Google users, the information provided by this service is so reliable and accurate that you can understand how your email sender reputation is perceived elsewhere, that is, in relation to other Email Service Providers (ESPs).

For example, if the Postmaster Tools are showing that you have deliverability issues, it might be a sign that your email lists need cleaning or that you need to check the validity of your email addresses.

All you need to do is to set this service up, which is quick and simple. Keep reading to know how to set up Google Postmaster Tools.

How to set it up

If you want to access Google Postmaster, you will need a Google account (Google workspace or Google address). 

It is required, so in case you don’t have a Google account, you must create one to explore GPT. After you have your Google account at hand, follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to https://postmaster.google.com;
  2. Select the “Get Started” option and add your domain in the search bar;
  3. Select “Next” and prove the ownership of the domain;
  4. Access your DNS records, adding the TXT record provided by Google to them;
  5. When you are done, go back to the Postmaster page and select “Verify”;
  6. If an error occurs, verify the TXT record, look for mistakes, and try again;
  7. If the error happens again, Google will provide a second verification method involving CNAME records;
  8. When the DNS records are published, your domain status will change to “Verified”.

Setting up the Google Postmaster Tools is quite simple. It takes only a few minutes to finish all the required steps. Just follow these steps and you will be all set.

Why should you use Google Postmaster Tools?

The Google Postmaster Tools service is a strong ally to help marketers protect their domain and send IP. It’s a platform that is easy to interpret and provides all the necessary information to keep email deliverability safe and sound.

According to Google itself, The GPT is a service to determine the health of your email program. 

The Postmaster Tools displays and shows data through different dashboards:

  • Spam Rates: it reveals how many emails were marked as spam, in relation to active users;
  • IP Reputation: it measures the strength of your IP, as well as the likelihood of landing in spam folders. It has four self-explanatory classifications: Bad, Low, Fair/Medium, and High;
  • Domain Reputation: it measures the strength of your sending domain. It has also four levels: Bad, Low, Fair/Medium, and High;
  • Authentication: it reveals the number of your emails that have been approved in SPF, DKIM, and DMARC tests;
  • Encryption: it shows what percentage of your inbound and outbound traffic is encrypted (this rate has to be a consistent 100%);
  • Delivery errors: this dashboard shows what kind of failures you have (Rate Limit Exceeded, Suspected Spam, Spammy Content, Bad or Unsupported Attachment, IP Low Reputation, Fails in the Authentication Process, and other errors);
  • Feedback Loop: it shows a table with the identifiers flagged by FBL and corresponding spam rates.

Protecting your domain and IP reputation has never been so easy with Google Postmaster Tools

With the help of this service, your domain will be kept away from a public blacklist, ensuring you are a legitimate and authentic sender.

Google Postmaster Tools can help you with a lot of things, but you can also learn how to avoid public blacklists and what to do if you find your domain in one. Read the content that the SafetyMail team prepared for you and know all about it!

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