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Learn how and why you should check email addresses validity

Learn how you should check email addresses

When you check email addresses validity regularly, you are protecting your company from contacts that may not exist or might cause some kind of harm to your email lists, such as blocking your messages at the source or making them receive a spam status.

That’s why more and more companies check email validity as a manner to make their messages meet the ideal audience, which will increase the success of marketing campaigns and improve the interaction with customers.

Having this perspective in mind, we prepared this article to explain why using an email checker will make a difference in your sales strategies and how to use this tool to boost your performance.

  • How to check if an email address is valid
  • Why is an email checker important?
  • How does the email verifier work?
  • How to choose a validation service to check email addresses?
  • Common questions about checking email addresses (FAQ)

How to check if an email address is valid

Despite being extremely important, some marketers and business people are not used to checking their email lists. Some of them affirm that their hectic routine is an obstacle to doing so. 

However, there are several ways to check email addresses validity. We are going to introduce some of the most common practices to execute this task.  

Send a test email to the address

It’s common sense that many companies send a test email to their contact lists, intending to verify its validity.

Nevertheless, this method is highly outdated and may hurt your online reputation, once you can send test emails to invalid addresses, and they will bounce back to you. It’s a waste of time and productivity.

When companies have a large list of contacts, they will end up sending some test emails to invalid addresses, which can damage your overall deliverability. This way, your company’s messages are going to be marked as spam.

To avoid this problem, having a dummy account can protect your deliverability metrics and check email addresses validity. Anyways, you should have a more effective and easier method to find out if an email is valid or not.

If this method is not recommended, how is it possible to check email addresses validity? The answer is an email verifier, which is a perfect tool to check email addresses validity without sending any test emails.

Search the address in Google

In order to check email addresses validity, you can Google them. It may not tell if the email is fake or not, but it will at least show if it is valid.

This method might work if you don’t have a long list to check. You can get the answers you want without damaging your online reputation.

Check errors and the email format

Some people might find your landing pages online, and fill out their information wrongly. This is due to inattention or the use of invalid characters, for example. They may even give you a disposable address.

Looking for those errors in your lists is a healthy practice to keep your email lists clean and free of invalid addresses, but it is hard work. 

Besides that, checking your lists manually demands a lot of time, and even so, this method is not accurate enough.

A mail checker can do all this work automatically, giving you results with the accuracy and the speed you need.  

Use an email verifier tool

Firstly, an email verifier is one of the essential tools for email marketers. There are several computer programs to check if an email is valid, and most of them are very simple to use.

SafetyMails verifier can remove all the invalid, disposable and harmful email accounts, making sure your reputation and deliverability are both safe.

All you have to do is upload your email lists directly to your account or through one of the available integrations (such as MailChimp and RD Station) to have access to detailed analysis reports.

Every month, you will have a certain number of credits to check your email lists. This is the best way to check email addresses validity.

SafetyMails works with accuracy and it is fast at checking subscriber lists, considering essential aspects, such as:

  • correction of typos and misspelled domains;
  • verification of many emails in sequence;
  • identification of emails from disposable providers;
  • removal of fake and duplicate email addresses;
  • elimination of emails of unsubscribers.

After you check email addresses validity, SafetyMails can keep your lists clean, which means only responsive contacts will be saved. 

Consequently, your messages are able to reach only people that want to hear from you and potential customers. That’s how you can increase your performance indicators and have a good reputation online.

Why is an email checker important?

Explaining why you should have a mail checker is quite simple. Let’s suppose your lists are full of invalid emails, how can you tell if you are reaching your target audience? Beyond that, how can you tell if you are sending emails to real people?

You have to think of when your lists are clean, you can focus on responsive subscribers, and give you a better and clearer response about how people receive your messages and interact with them.

This way, it is possible to come to the conclusion that clean email lists can really improve your conversion and sales. Check some of the main advantages of having an mail checker in your business.

Keep email lists clean

When your contact list is not clean, your messages are sent to many fake email addresses, which means they are not even going to arrive at real mailboxes. This will have a negative impact on all the messages you send.

But, a mail checker can remove these bad registrations, keeping your reputation safe and sound. 

Reduce hard bounces

Your emails can bounce for several reasons. For instance, misspelled addresses or emails that are no longer active are some of them. These situations are called hard bounces.

If you have to deal with many corporate emails, it is extremely important to check them before they enter your database. They change all the time and can become inactive at any moment.

That’s why you must check email validity frequently. A mail checker can even prevent this kind of invalid address from being added to your contact lists. If your hard bounce statistic is too high, maybe it’s time to give your lists a good cleaning.

Improves deliverability and reduce bounces

You must interpret the success of email marketing strategies based on the engagement your messages can generate. Measuring your success with the number of people you reach is a huge mistake.

This is true because looking only at a number can put you on the wrong track and paint a scenario that may not be related to reality. Always consider engagement as the most important factor in your marketing campaigns.

When you have a mail checker, it is easier to increase your deliverability rate, once you only send messages to active and responsive users, avoiding bounces and spam reports.

It can boost your results

Putting your investment in the right place, without wasting any penny, is the most important aspect when planning marketing strategies. 

That’s why investing only in getting in touch with users that are engaged and deeply interested in your business is the most intelligent approach that a competent marketer can have. This is the key action to spend less and do more. 

As a consequence, the Return on Investment rate (ROI) can be optimized and boosted. You should often check email addresses validity to find these users that can give you the return you need, as well as identify the ones that don’t show any kind of interaction or interest.

Keep a high sender reputation

Having a high sender reputation is essential to keep your messages away from being marked as spam. It will also guarantee that your emails are going to be sent to your target audience.

Your reputation as a sender determines a sort of relevant factors, among them your deliverability and bounce rates. It may also be a relevant factor when reaching new people.

Besides that, a good sender reputation is important to avoid being blacklisted and to control bounce and spam report percentages. 

How does the Email Verifier work?

A mail checker is a tool used to analyze an email address and determine if it belongs to a real person or not. But how does it check email addresses validity? Is it effective and accurate? Is it safe? Let’s understand the way this tool works.

Request for Comments (RCFs)

You should know that valid email accounts have a certain pattern. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is responsible for creating such patterns and standards, which are found in emails too, and are called Request for Comments (RFCs).

Such patterns and standards determine what is the format of an email address, as well as the body of the email. They can even define how an email is transmitted from one device to another.

RFCs change over time and the tools you use to verify email addresses must be working according to them, which means you have to avoid obsolete systems.

The most current RFC receives the number 6531, and it deals with internationalized email addresses, where non-existent characters are used in the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) table. 

In short, it means that other alphabets, such as Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, and others, can be a part of an email address. 

Syntax check

A mail checker can analyze major RFCs for syntax validation of your email addresses, checking both the local part (basically everything that comes before the @ sign) and the domain (it identifies where the email box is hosted, and you can find it in the characters that come after the @ sign).

MX record check

An MX record specifies which servers that receive email messages for a specific domain. This feature checks if the email is actual, registered and the hosted domain. The MX record check is an important step to any email checker software.

Spamtrap removal

When you check email validity, you are protecting your email marketing strategies by avoiding email addresses that can destroy your reputation

How to choose a validation service to check email addresses validity?

A mail checker service is able to protect your online reputation and make your marketing campaigns achieve amazing results. The question you might be asking yourself is what mail checker is the best fit for your business.

Each company has its demands and singularities, so the tool to check email validity has to work according to such details. However, we can help you in this task by showing what features a complete email service must have.

  • Real-time verification: an efficient tool must check if email is valid or not at the moment someone types an address in your landing pages or newsletters.
  • Integrations: the possibility of uploading email lists directly to your account or through integrations must exist, as well as the right tool should give you detailed analysis reports.
  • Verification in bulk: checking emails individually will become a hard task, not to mention a tiring one, especially if your company is large-sized. A complete tool can verify emails in bulk automatically.
  • Report generation: every time you run a campaign, you must analyze the results, but how to do so if you don’t have exact numbers and statistics? A complete mail checker can generate reports, highlighting the attention aspects, as well as the goals that were achieved during the campaign;
  • Data Protection: the mail checker has to respect and follow all the guidelines for data protection.
  • API verification: it is the fastest and simplest way to keep your email lists clean.

When looking for a platform to check email validity, make sure it has these features. It is important to search what the market has to offer, but never choose a tool just for its price.

Choose a platform that will boost your performance and make you do more, with less time and effort.

SafetyMails has all of these features to check email addresses, with a platform that is complete and user-friendly. Check all that SafetyMails can provide you and contact us now!


What is a valid email?

A valid email is one that belongs to a real person, who can really receive your messages and interact with your content.
In order to be valid, an email must be free of typos and have local and domain parts that are existent and active.
What is the purpose of a mail checker?
The main purpose of an email verifier is to check email addresses validity. In other words, this tool is responsible for keeping your email lists free of invalid emails and maintaining your database updated.
In short, a mail checker will make sure only responsive subscribers are kept in your database. This way, your messages are going to be sent only to people that really want to hear from you, increasing the chances of interactions and sales conversion.

How do I check if an email address is valid?

There are many strategies to check email addresses validity, such as:
– sending email tests;
-searching for addresses in Google;
-analyzing the structure of the email (local and domain);
-looking for typos in your lists;
-and more.
Therefore, the most effective way to check if an email address is valid must be an email verifier, once you can do this work automatically and achieve the highest level of accuracy.
Besides that, counting on an mail checker is the fastest and simplest way to keep your contact lists clean and free of invalid email entries. 

Can I validate a list of email addresses in bulk?

Yes, you can verify a list of emails at the same time with SafetyMails, and you can surely rely on our verification and validation. 
All you have to do is use integrations in our platform (such as MailChimp or RD Station) and check if your contacts are valid or not.
You can also upload email lists manually. Our services will make sure your lists are clean.  

What happens if an email is sent to an invalid address?

Many undesired situations may happen if you keep sending emails to invalid addresses, such as being blacklisted or blocked by receivers or reaching a high rate of bounces and spam reports.
All of these outcomes are extremely hurtful to your reputation as a sender. At the end of the story, if you send emails to invalid addresses, your messages might not be sent to the valid ones.
That’s why you have to check email addresses validity and keep your database free of invalid addresses.

Why is it important to implement an email verification service in your strategy?

When you build an email database, you surely want to have real people connected in your lists.

However, many people give a fake email address or an invalid one. They can simply make silly spelling mistakes during the registration process in your landing page or newsletters, for example.

SafetyMails has an expertise in prevent your whole strategy went to waste because you ended up with several addresses that are not fit to use. In other words, using our email verifier, your collected addresses are real, and can generate engagement.

In case of typos, the service can solicit corrections and reviews, making sure you don’t lose a promising lead. Everything happens in real-time and the email checker api is accurate and fast.

Would you like to know us better? Test now and check emails for free!

Choose SafetyMails email verification tool and see how easy it is to make sure no invalid or harmful addresses get to your subscriber lists!

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