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How to find someones email using useful tools

How to find someones email using useful tools

How to find someones email address ethically and without invading their privacy? Among other features, this action helps sales professionals who need to build a list of prospects quickly.

The action of collecting emails not directly from someone interested in receiving your messages is only possible if they are corporate emails, which can and should be used exclusively to address professional issues.

Collecting personal addresses and sending emails without the recipient’s permission is a spamming technique. And neither you nor any other professional who works with email marketing wants that, do you?

So let’s find out how to discover corporate emails and use them to build lists of prospects, with the ultimate aim of turning them into leads.

But it’s important to note that knowing how to find someones email doesn’t mean that you can just go out and send them messages.

This is because you don’t know if the emails you’ve collected are out of date, unengaging and other types of toxicity that can ruin your reputation as a sender and block your campaigns.

The most reliable way to work with prospect lists collected from the web

The safest way to find out how to find someones email and use it correctly is to subject the contact to email verification.

To do this, you can use the free email verifier, which will check whether emails are valid or not.

This is extremely useful for small sales and marketing teams, as well as for self-employed professionals who build contact lists and communicate with their leads through them.

In fact, building a healthy email list should be the priority of every email marketer.

How to find someones email the easy way

If you do a Google search by entering a few elements, you can find out someone’s corporate email address. Here are some examples:

  • First name + last name + the word “contact”.
  • First name + last name + company name + the word “contact”.
  • First name + last name + the word “email”.
  • First name + last name + @company domain.com, or .com.br.
  • First name + last name + the phrase “contact us”.

As you can see, a Google search can reveal a lot, and the best part: it’s free! So always try this resource before moving on to the next ones.

Signature and contact forms

Another simple and free way of how to find someones email is to sign up to forms available on the websites and blogs of the company that has the corporate emails you are interested in.

We know that humanization and personalization are part of the Inbound mentality, which is why most of the emails sent from registration forms arrive in someone’s name.

And there’s what you’re looking for: a warm corporate email to join your prospect list!

The same principle can be used with company contact forms. Send a message with any question and receive the corporate email you want in the reply.

How to find someones email on Slideshare

Slideshare is a presentation and webinar tool widely used by companies. Search for the companies of your choice, find the talk and/or conference and scroll down to the last slide. You can find the corporate email address of the person who gave the presentation.

A slightly longer route, but very efficient

You can use LinkedIn to find out the names of the professionals you want to email. Search for the company page and look at all the contacts on it.

With the names in hand, go to the Find That Lead website. There, enter the names + surnames and the company’s domain.

It’s important to note that Find That Lead, in its free version, provides up to 10 corporate emails per month. For larger queries, you need to subscribe to one of the available plans.

Just like the site we’ve just seen, there are several paid services for finding out how to find someones email.

But with a little patience and perseverance, you can build your list with relevant corporate emails without having to use paid platforms.

How to find someones email: conclusion

When collecting corporate emails and checking whether they are valid or not in the free verifier, always build your list by checking the number of generic emails, such as sales@, customer service@ etc.

The recommendation is that your database should contain corporate emails in the name of individuals, since anti-spam filters are pursuing a spammer technique called “Scraped emails”.

This is a spammer system run by a bot, which searches for common generic users of corporate emails on blogs, forums, websites, etc. in order to create a giant base. This is how contact lists are marketed.

In other words, if your base is made up of lots of sales@, service@ etc. contacts, you run the serious risk of being classified as a spammer.

And as if the Scraped technique itself wasn’t enough, lists built using this system are very likely to contain a large number of Spamtraps; another dishonest method of building bases.

So, when creating your list, stay away from “enablers”. In other words, building a good base takes time and dedication.

Even if you collect them email by email, it’s much more worthwhile for your reputation and the results of your marketing strategies.


How can I find corporate emails on the internet?

There are several ways to find corporate emails on the internet. By typing your first and last name + some extension (company name, the word “contact”, etc.) into Google; by registering on websites and blogs; by registering on companies’ contact forms; by searching on Slideshare, using LinkedIn and even using paid platforms such as Find That Lead.

Why is the free email verifier important?

When collecting corporate emails on the web, many of them can be out of date and unengaging. This causes them to be blocked by ISPs’ anti-spam filters. The free verifier will tell you whether an email is valid or not, leading to the construction of a safe list.

How do you build healthy mailing lists made up only of corporate emails?

It is important to note the number of generic emails, such as sales@, customer service@ and others. It is recommended that the database contains corporate emails on behalf of people, to prove that the prospects are real, and not addresses harvested by bots.

What is Scraped email?

It’s a spammer technique carried out by a bot, whose job is to collect generic emails in order to build up a large mailing list and market it.