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How to tell if my email has been read Mailtrack or open rate

[How to tell if my email has been read] Mailtrack or open rate?

how to tell if someone read your email? The answer to this question really depends on your marketing objectives.

Those who work with a large team and require mass emailing need to monitor the open rate KPI first and foremost. This way, you can continuously improve your communication with customers.

Those who work on their own or have a small team and need to communicate with the lead always ask themselves: how to tell if my email has been read? For this user, mailtrack has no contraindications.

But what is the difference between mailtrack and open rate? Let’s take a closer look at each one!

What is mailtrack and what is it for?

Mailtrack is an email tracker. It’s perfect for busy teams or freelancers who use free email verification.

Imagine the following situation: a sales representative for a medical laboratory has built up an email list.

When communicating with his leads, the professional, who already sends his emails, will install mailtrack to find out who has received his messages.

But where does the free email verifier come into this? The marketer needs to check his list to eliminate invalid emails.

Otherwise, your email communications will be blocked by the providers, who, as a general rule, stop lists with at least 3% bounces, regardless of whether the base is large or small.

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How to tell if my email has been read (free version)

  • In the Chrome browser, go to mailtrack.io and click on “install”.
  • You then have the option of installing the tracker in gmail or Outlook.
  • If you choose to install it on gmail, the extension will be part of the browser.
  • From the moment you install the extension in Chrome, all the emails you send will have a flag informing you whether or not the message has been opened, similar to WhatsApp.
  • With the extension added, you will also have access to the dashboard, which will reveal which emails have been opened and which have not.

Mailtrack PRO version

The paid version of mailtrack offers more complete features to answer the question “How to tell if my email has been read?”

Here are the features:

  • More data on when emails are opened: how long ago and how many times.
  • No Mailtrack signature (the recipient doesn’t know that the sender is using a tracker).
  • Real-time email opening verification (desktop or email notifications).
  • Daily email tracking reports.
  • Link tracking.
  • Reminders.
  • When was the last open: know your lead’s level of engagement.
  • Email and telephone support.
  • Mailtrack Sales: integration with the CRM of your choice.

So, for those who need more detail on the open rate of emails using mailtrack, the PRO version is better.

How to tell if my email has been read through open rates

As mailing lists grow, so does the need to use an automation platform.

And along with that come KPIs. In other words, anyone who works with mass mailings needs to monitor the performance of their campaigns.

In this way, it’s possible to get the approach right with the buyer persona and achieve a better email marketing performance.

And the question “How to tell if my email has been read?” continues, because the open rate is one of the main email marketing metrics.

It’s through this that you can measure the quality of the subject line and preheader, with the aim of attracting the reader to open the message.

As in the world of email marketing, one thing leads to another, if the subject line and preheader are good, your lead will open the email.

And from there it’s on to conversion rates and all the other metrics that come after the open rate.


Whether using mailtrack or viewing open rates, knowing whether messages are being read is fundamental to any communication strategy, large or small.

In other words, the question is which system best suits the needs of the professional. The important thing to bear in mind is that anyone who starts with mailtrack will at some point need to use an automation platform.


Why is mailtrack suitable for small teams?

mailtrack is the free tracker designed to keep track of email opens. The action of knowing how many emails have been read is restricted to small lists, since Gmail doesn’t allow mass emailing. For this reason, mailtrack is recommended not only for small teams, but also for self-employed professionals who create their own mailing lists and communicate with their leads through them.

Why use the free email verifier?

The free verifier mainly checks whether an email exists or not. This is essential for marketing teams who need to devise strategies capable of achieving results, and also for sales teams who use mailing lists to communicate with leads.

When is the best time to use an automation platform?

When mailing lists start to grow, it becomes impractical to manage leads manually. Bases containing 5,000, 10,000 or even 1 million emails need segmentation, a marketing funnel and a volume of triggers. All this is made available to professionals by automation platforms. On the other hand, those who are just starting out don’t need as much data.

Why is it important to monitor email open rates?

In short, everything starts with the open rate. It’s through this that the professional will know if the subject line and preheader are persuasive enough to attract the reader to the inside of the email.

In addition, the visualization of other metrics such as conversion rate, bounces, among others, depend on the open rate.