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Web Summit Rio SafetyMails valoriza o melhor do email marketing

Rio Web Summit: SafetyMails values the best of email marketing

Rio Web Summit is coming hot. And the brazilian email marketing industry is eager to demonstrate once again why it’s the biggest return on investment in digital marketing.

Brazil is among 10 countries that most send emails in the world, with an impressive mark of 8.32 billion daily sendings.

The biggest players in the market will discuss digital trends, and Rio Web Summit hopes to bring together 800,000 attendees, including companies and participants who will be circulating in the conference.

People connected to new trends match with the heat of Rio de Janeiro, and the city will become the world’s capital of technology throughout the event.

The biggest ROI of digital marketing has to stand out

We’re talking about $36 return on each dollar invested. Email marketing is recognized — and duly valued — as the biggest ROI of digital marketing. Hot, right? And this has to be part of the Web Summit!

Email marketing industry is in high temperatures since always in Brazil and in the world. So, the strategies need email validation, which constantly cooperates for communication between companies and leads.

SafetyMails comes in to fuel this market. And this has been going on for sometime. In April 2021, the startup promoted the first edition of  Email marketing Summit, with 35 lectures and 5 workshops.

There were more than 12,000 subscribers, with participation of big names lecturing: RD Station, Rock Content, Growth Machine, WebEstratégica, Email On Acid – from USA and Growth Team were part of this marketing giants meeting.

Email marketing is more alive than ever. It optimizes the results of most companies that invest in this communication channel, and this was the reason for the success of the event. 

In November 2022, Email marketing Immersion 360º was another initiative by SafetyMails to discuss essential points of email marketing. This time, the focus was on those who use the channel as a promotional tool.

There were 12 online lectures on the theme “Black Friday”, with topics ranging from planning, design, copywriting and lead generation.

Among the participants were Gupy, Me Poupe, Better Fly, Yeesco, Smarthint, between other renowned companies.

SafetyMails at The Web Summit: the right place at the right time

Promoting and discussing relevant content about email marketing is one of SafetyMails’  premises. The company was nominated twice in a row as one of the most innovative brazilian technology startups in the digital marketing segment.

Also named as the most used email validation tool in Latin America by LATAM Marketing Tools report, SafetyMails is a reference, collaborating for the continuous movement of the South American market.

It is important to highlight that email marketing is responsible for a large part of sales in the e-commerce industry.

It is through it that companies build a relationship with their consumers.

Econsultancy claims that more than 23% of e-commerce revenues originate from email marketing.

The bulk verification of emails and also the real-time protection against invalid email addresses in registration forms favors the inbox placement of the email messages.

SafetyMails email verification algorithm has 19 steps and performs thousands of email validations simultaneously, promoting greater leverage in lead generation.

To value the best of email marketing, SafetyMails works to optimize inbound marketing by reducing bounces and blocks, leading companies to communicate effectively with their contacts.

The Web Summit comes to warm up the market in Brazil and Latin America, and SafetyMails has always been in this mood.

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