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The advantages of creating a business email google

The advantages of creating a business email google

Google business email google is an integrated solution tool that meets the needs not only of self-employed professionals, but also of small and large companies.

This is because corporate Gmail provides personalized professional email addresses through the company’s own domain, while giving access to Google Workspace features.

In this way, information management gains agility and productivity with Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Google Calendar and a host of other features all in one place.

By contracting Google business email, companies have access to a panel where they can manage profiles, create their security policies and supervise employee accounts.

As such, the features of corporate Gmail bring numerous benefits to companies and self-employed professionals. Check out some of them:

  • Extra security system with data encryption, anti-spam filters, anti-malware and double authentication.
  • Superior storage space for large attachments and videos.
  • Frequent automatic backup service.
  • 24/7 expert support.

Corporate emails versus bounces

It’s a fact that a corporate email helps to manage the company’s internal processes, which ends up being reflected in the quality of business as a positive result.

In other words, an email list containing corporate addresses has a great chance of generating business through email marketing.

However, corporate emails can become bounces, as the employee can leave the company at any time (unfortunately, this happens frequently).

The only way to build a healthy corporate email list is to validate emails frequently.

SafetyMails is a multi-layered email verification tool designed for professionals who want to build lists of valid addresses that can turn into business.

So when it comes to building your corporate mailing list, count on SafetyMails. Open your account and get 100 credits to test the tool!

How to hire a business email google service

First of all, create an account at workspace.google.com. Click on the “first steps” button to access the tutorial for creating your business email.

You can create emails with employees’ names + the company domain ([email protected]) or more generic emails, with the name of the sector ([email protected]).

It’s important to note that the system is compatible with other tools such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc., allowing you to migrate services as well as data that already exists in your company.

Familiarization with corporate Gmail

If your employees are unfamiliar with the tool and the functionalities of Workspace as a whole, it’s worth offering training, with the aim of clarifying how all the system’s integrations work.

In short, sharing calendars with business email google, using Meet and storing files on the drive are some examples that can be turned into training content for employees.

Some useful features of corporate Gmail

Working offline on business email google

Even if your cell phone or laptop is without internet, you can still work with corporate Gmail in some respects. This is very useful for organizing messages (archiving or deleting) and managing certain settings.

Cancellation of shipment

Business email google allows you to undo the action of sending a message. To cancel an email that has already been sent, click on the “undo” button next to the “email sent” information. As a result, the recipient will not have access to the unsend action.

Logging out remotely

If you are using your Google business email google on more than one device, you can log out remotely. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your email account.
  • Click on “details” at the bottom right.
  • Click on “log out of all other sessions”.

What are the features of Google’s corporate plans?

Corporate plans are part of Google Workspace, which is a tool designed to optimize business productivity. Each package has a price.

The plans available are

  • Business Starter: offers access to personalized email and other Google Workspace tools. It is ideal for those who are starting out and do not yet have a lot of demand.
  • Business Standard: offers more complete features in Google Workspace, such as adding more participants to video calls and more data storage space.
  • Business Plus: in addition to all the features of Workspace, it offers access to e-discovery, a service for searching and obtaining data with the aim of using it in legal proceedings.
  • Enterprise: this is the plan that offers the most advanced tools, designed to meet the needs of large companies.


Google business email is extremely useful because it is part of a larger context – Google Workspace – which helps companies to be more productive.

There are several features designed to promote work that engages teams more and better. The flexibility of corporate Gmail, combined with Google Workspace, also caters for freelance professionals who want to offer an up-to-date, quality service.


What is Google Workspace and what is it for?

Google Workspace is a service that brings together various tools designed to increase business productivity. It can be used by self-employed professionals as well as small and large organizations. Its various uses include archiving in the cloud (Drive); meetings via video calls (Meet); a digital agenda, Docs, professional email, among other features.

What benefits does corporate Gmail offer?

In addition to promoting more professional communication, ideal for those working in the B2B system, corporate Gmail offers extra security, more space for data storage, backups and full time support.

Why can a corporate email bounce?

Unfortunately, turnover (employee turnover rate) in companies is very common, causing corporate emails to be short-lived. This characteristic causes a corporate address to become bounced, damaging mailing lists that are intended to generate leads.

What are Google’s corporate plans? Do they all involve professional Gmail?

All of Google’s business email google packages give access to professional email. The plans are subdivided into four, and increase the benefits to the user, according to the order: Starter, Standard, Plus and Enterprise.