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Web Summit Brasil

SafetyMails caught the eyes at Web Summit Brazil

The first edition of Web Summit Brazil brought more than 500 technology market investors to Rio de Janeiro and around 21,000 people circulated in the Riocentro pavilions.

There were rare times when SafetyMails’ booth wasn’t full. The startup created a great opportunity to work on branding and present itself to many stakeholders. And the results were excellent.

Safetymails stand ate Web summit Rio

That’s right: SafetyMails didn’t “get” a chance. The opportunity was created.

And to achieve this result, it all started months ago, when the team got together to plan a way to highlight the brand.

The first question that came up was: “How to get the participants’ attention in a creative and innovative way?”

After all, we were talking about an event of international proportions in technology area.

SafetyMails at Rio Web Summit

SafetyMails uses the nautical concept as visual identity, and found in the marine lighthouse the perfect representation.

It is a tall element, which has a light beam at the top. Ideal for highlighting the startup among many other booths.

It worked out! The 7,22 ft lighthouse with rotating and flashing light really caught the eyes.

A lighthouse at Web Summit Brazil

Most people who arrived at the booth asked why a lighthouse.

SafetyMails‘ explanation delighted those who didn’t know the SaaS tool, as well as those who had already experienced email validation.

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  • Those who work with email marketing — and consequently with large email lists — run the risk of seeing their campaigns sink, if there are only 3% of invalid addresses in their bases.
  • This data leads to an automatic blocking of email providers, which send the sender’s name to a blacklist.
  • SafetyMails is the lighthouse that ensures an email marketing campaign doesn’t get lost in the sea of ​​invalid, disposable, bounced and spamtraps emails.
  • By following the startup’s lighthouse signal, the costumers guarantees a clean email list and manages to reach the final destination: the public’s inbox.

It was nice to explain this concept to Brazilians and foreigners. People liked the link between creativity and SaaS, and it spurred them to understand the tool in more details.

Creativity and connections

The sounds were loud and mixed. People lecturing on open platforms, music, groups talking in several languages ​​and SafetyMails‘ booth always full.

Questions all the time. The team made an effort to answer all questions about the tool, while presenting a different game: a panel of cards inside envelopes that, when opened, revealed a gift.

A diver accessory and captain’s hats available to visitors were a hit on Instagram.

There were also tablets for testing the real-time email verification API solution.

The booth attracted people who chatted, became interested in SafetyMails‘ technology and exchanged contacts.

Between conversations, API tests, gifts and photos, Web Summit Brazil brought more than 150 leads to the startup, and some calls were scheduled for the first week after the event!

The future

As a player in the email validation market in Brazil and Latin America, SafetyMails‘ SaaS is in the same breath as technology.

The 19-step email verification algorithm performs thousands of validations simultaneously, ensuring the optimization of email marketing campaigns for Brazilian big companies, such as Rede D’or, Algar, Sebrae, Itaú, Paschoalotto, RD Station, among others.

Working on branding and fostering networking was the target, which ended up expanding to a dive into new connections.

The result exceeded expectations. In addition to promoting new leads for SafetyMails, the biggest technology event in the world represented a great opportunity to value the Brazilian email marketing sector.

And the future we create. Web Summit Brazil, see you next time!

Safetymails team ate web summit brazil