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Why is it important to create a email signature

Why is it important to create a email signature

Creating email signatures should be a strategic precept for professionals and agencies working in digital marketing.

This is because, in 2022 alone, around 333 million emails were sent and received worldwide. And this number is expected to grow to 392.5 billion by 2026. The data comes from Statista.com.

With the growing use of email as a communication channel, creating email signature becomes an opportunity to improve the relationship with the lead.

In other words, it means that the signature at the bottom of the message is being seen by thousands of recipients who are genuinely interested in your product or service, once they have opened the email.

And signing the email also attests to the sender’s credibility as the creator (and person responsible) for the information in that content.

Reputation is fundamental not only for gaining and keeping leads, but also for campaigns to achieve high deliverability rates.

Email verification is the tool that generates credibility of the sender IP of bulk emails with ISPs, since sanitized lists do not contain spamtraps and other types of addresses that generate damage.

This is precisely why all verified (and therefore validated) messages pass through anti-spam filters and make it to people’s inboxes.

Email signatures, as well as verification, help to build trust. And when it comes to online content, this quality is essential.

Learn more about the importance of creating email signatures and their impact on business in this article.

Replacing the letterhead

In the past, all corporate communication was done via letterheads, with the company logo, the employee’s name, position and contact details at the bottom.

The Internet has changed communication patterns, and today, having a professional email address is essential for business.

Corporate emails need to have a signature to identify who is sending the message. This also applies to self-employed people who want to present themselves in the right way.

See below how email signatures help generate new business.

Email subscriptions and their impact on business

Email is a complete tool. Not only does it not require intermediaries between the sender and receiver of the message, but it also generates a huge financial return. There is a return of US$ 42 for every dollar.

This means that you need to make the most of this tool. In summary, you can create a main communication (which goes in the body of the email), and a secondary one in the signature.

In the signature space, you can create strategies for:

  • Increasing sales: the signature can include product and service banners, with calls to specific actions (clicking on a link to a sales landing page, for example).
  • Generating engagement: include links to social networks. This encourages lead involvement, while strengthening the company’s digital presence.
  • Working on branding with seasonal initiatives: applying copy or adapting the brand to “Blue November”, for example.

How to create email signature using free tools

In large companies, IT is usually responsible for email signatures.

However, self-employed professionals can also generate them using tools that offer this service for free, such as HubSpot, Resultados Digitais and Canva.

It’s important to note that each platform has a system for generating signatures, and you should look at the one that best suits your professional needs.

How to create email signature: what to avoid

Watch out for excess

As mentioned above, each company, as well as each professional, has its own specific needs.

Depending on the business model, it is prudent to highlight only a few elements, as too much information can pollute the signature space, making it difficult for the email reader to act.

Bearing in mind that the signature should be succinct, concentrate on communicating only what is essential.

Watch out for absences

If too much information is a problem, the lack of it also represents a bad signature, which does not fulfill the objective of revealing the professional behind that message. As a result, contact generation suffers.

For example, if your company serves clients outside Brazil, be sure to include the international area code before the telephone number.

Create email signature to avoid visual pollution

Pay attention to the amount of color, bold and italics in the elements. As the signature is a small space, this requires the use of simple and straightforward components.

Large images also visually pollute, as well as representing a problem for the email, which can take a long time to load and thus be blocked by the provider.

Because of a detail like this, your message could end up in the spam folder!

Social networks

The inclusion of social networks is highly recommended, but only include those most used by the company (two or three at most).

Remember that the website is already part of the subscription, and including a large number of social networks could end up confusing the user.


The job description is enough to identify you as the professional sending the message. Remember that the signature space is not designed for mini-resumes.

Create email signature with or without photo?

If possible, include a photo in the email signature. This is another argument for credibility, since the recipient can see the person they are talking to.


Why should creating email signatures be a strategy for companies and professionals?

Email is an ever-growing communication channel. That’s why companies and professionals need to add elements of credibility, so that the user can be sure that the messages were sent by the original senders, and not by people trying to pass themselves off as companies.

I’m a freelance professional. Can I use my personal email to communicate with my clients?

It is recommended that you create a professional email account, and this can be done by purchasing your own domain, which generates a work email.

Why do email signatures have a positive impact on business?

In addition to generating credibility for the sender of the email, the signature space can be used to insert persuasive elements such as banners with CTAs; social media to generate engagement and branding initiatives, with the insertion of copies and adapting the brand to seasonal reasons.

Is it possible to create email signature for free?

Yes, through platforms that offer this service. HubSpot, RD Station and Canva are some examples.