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Data Protection at SafetyMails with certified DPO

Privacy and data protection are always on the priority list at SafetyMails.

Constant commitment to transparency

SafetyMails has as one of its business pillars transparency in email validation services and in its privacy and data Security policies.

This approach makes SafetyMails, besides being one of the most accurate email verification tools on the market, one of the most reliable in terms of correctness and compliance with key privacy and data protection guidelines and regulations.

Data Protection and Privacy

The movement for privacy and data protection is advancing every day on a global scale. Several countries and organizations have engaged in the development of regulations, legislation, and best practices in data protection.

For example, the European Union has the most mature regulation, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Following its example, Brazil launched its LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – General Law of Data Protection).

Countries such as Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, also have personal data protection laws. The European Commission has already recognized, among others, South Korea, Canada, Israel, and Japan as countries that offer adequate protection for personal data. Brazil is seeking its place in this prestigious list.

Benefits for all

The various laws, regulations, and best practices being adopted around the world aim to protect people from abuses of their personal data.

For example, companies can no longer request data that is not actually necessary for the service to be performed properly. Only the minimum necessary data.

They also need to make it absolutely clear to people what uses will be made of that data, giving them the option of accepting it or not.

In addition, people can also ask for information about what is being done with their data, request changes and so on.

The requirement to handle personal data seriously makes the personal data environment much safer for everyone.

For companies, this process is also excellent, because it demonstrates commitment, transparency in the relationship with customers and prospects, increases the level of credibility of the company, among others.


Since its founding, inspired by GDPR, SafetyMails has been adopting best practices in terms of privacy and data protection.

In addition to its training programs and internal policies, where SafetyMails raises awareness about information security and about the care in various daily tasks, various security measures are implemented frequently.

SafetyMails also monitors its business partners to ensure that everyone maintains up-to-date commitment to privacy and data security.

Internacional Certification

In order to maintain the highest levels of quality and compliance in privacy and data protection, SafetyMails has been seeking to update its policies, security measures, etc.

Among the latest updates, in addition to major improvements in access policies, we are seeking more knowledge and international certifications in data protection.

Exin is an international certifier for IT professionals that operates in more than 165 countries. Through rigorous testing, it attests that the holders of its certifications have a deep and recognized knowledge in their fields.

Rodrigo Gonçalves, partner and cofounder of SafetyMails, who was already acting as the company’s DPO (Data Protection Officer), deepened his knowledge in data security, and legislation and submitted himself to Exin’s tests, obtaining 3 important certifications:

Privacy & Data Protection Foundation (GDPR), Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001) e Privacy & Data Protection Professional.

International Badge Exin Privacy & Data Protection Foundation

Privacy & Data Protection Foundation (GDPR): EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation covers the main issues related to personal data protection. The certified professional has all the necessary knowledge to help ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Exin Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001)

Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001): EXIN Information Security Foundation is a relevant certification for professionals working with confidential information within an IT context, detailing the concept, value and importance of information security, as well as the threats and risks.

EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Professional

Privacy & Data Protection Professional: This is an advanced level certification that validates a professional’s knowledge and understanding of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The professional is able to apply this knowledge and understanding in daily professional practice.

Rodrigo Gonçalves, SafetyMails cofounder and new Certified DPO

By meeting the requirements for this track of international certifications focused on data security, Rodrigo Gonçalves received the international badge of Data Protection Officer certified by EXIN.

In this way, with its DPO and security team, SafetyMails stays at the forefront of data security in the email validation and verification market.

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