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SafetyMails team at E-commerce Forum

E-commerce Forum 2023: SafetyMails was there

Of course, SafetyMails could not be left out of this year’s edition of the E-commerce Forum.

Staying on top of what is happening in the market requires a physical and digital presence. And that’s what SafetyMails went to do at the biggest e-commerce event in Latin America: make a physical presence and closely follow everything that’s going on.

And as a startup that collaborates with e-commerce services, we talked to hundreds of people who represented companies and investors who visited our stand.

Everyone had in common the desire to learn more about the email verification service and how it can collaborate with their business’ email marketing campaigns.

We got off to a great start with the Scape Report

SafetyMails has already entered the Forum on the right foot. We were recognized as representatives of the email verification area by Scape Report 2023: the map of the Brazilian e-commerce ecosystem.

The study points out the main suppliers of the industry through an exclusive graphical scheme.

This way, business opportunities become clearer in all categories that make up the e-commerce network.

Being part of this structure means that SafetyMails is present in an increasingly strong ecosystem in the whole world; sign that our dedication and excellence in services is being validated!

2024 is here for SafetyMails

Among the rich content we absorbed through the Forum lectures, the areas of Digital Transformation, Marketing and Sales and Technology were references for the insights we had and intend to implement later this year.

And speaking of things that are going to happen soon, 2024 is already ahead for SafetyMails!

We are official sponsors of the Forum next year. This is proof that being present is an opportunity to be one step ahead in business.

We represent the email validation sector at the event, but this is nothing new for SafetyMails, which is a player in this market in Latin America and very soon in North America.

One of SafetyMails‘ objectives is the recognition of email marketing as a fundamental communication strategy, even more so in times of e-commerce growth in worldwide!

We achieved this objective in the E-commerce Forum. There were 3 busy days, full of people looking for partnerships. And there was no other way: we left happy with the promising ties we created.

Exclusive discount for those who work with E-commerce

The business predictions are so optimistic that SafetyMails has extended this to anyone who works in e-commerce and want to know more about email verification services.

See how easy it is to get 10% off on our platform:

  • When opening an account, you get 100 credits to test the tool.
  • When your trial credits expire, redeem your 10% off coupon: send an email to: [email protected]

You can use SafetyMails services in pay as you go format (for verifying a large email list) or as a subscription to protect your registration forms with a real-time email verification API.

Thanks, E-commerce Forum. Next year we’ll be back!