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Techniques to improve email marketing jobs

7 techniques to improve your email marketing jobs

Email marketing jobs are old acquaintances of professionals and companies looking for the best cost-benefit of the digital marketing market.

Whether to complete a purchase or confirm a registration, send a newsletter, among many other features, email marketing is always welcome as a communication strategy.

But for your planning to be really efficient, you need to apply some fundamental techniques that can be used at all stages of the customer journey.

Below are the main methods that enhance the email marketing jobs.

1. Segmentation and list management

After building your list, target emails based on relevant criteria such as:

  • Profession and income
  • Educational level
  • Social status
  • Interests
  • Geographic location
  • Purchases historic
  • Other segments that make sense for your communication strategies.

After this first step, it’s important to know how to manage and maintain your contact list.

Define your goals: How do you intend to apply email marketing jobs? Increase conversion, capture leads, launch a product… There are countless objectives that your email marketing campaign can fulfill.

For example: for those who want to keep their contact list, a campaign that promotes engagement would be perfect to favor brand recall.

Each case is unique and each list will be managed according to your communication strategy.

Another essential item for you to manage your list well is email verification. This action discards all invalid addresses from your contact base.

SafetyMails email checker excludes inactive emails, disposable, spamtraps and all those that pose a risk of blocking your list and ruin your email marketing jobs.

2. Planning of email campaigns

Once you understand the fundamentals of email marketing (including how it fits into your communication strategy), you need to start planning your campaign.

Here’s where to start:

  • Identify your persona: the segmentation you did at the beginning will help you create the ideal recipient profile for your email marketing jobs. Knowing how your lead’s head works is essential for the development of your communication strategy going forward.
  • Define the stage of your leads’ buying journey: are your customers (or potential customers) at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel? This is the starting point for creating content, which will be seen in the next topic.
  • Create a content calendar: generate a spreadsheet containing content themes, periodicity, stage of the shopping journey, status and all the details you need to visualize the evolution of your campaigns.

Ready to move on? From now on, let’s understand the productivity of your email marketing jobs in communication strategy.

3. User experience: copywriting and design

Copywriting is what makes a campaign’s content shine, whether it’s email marketing jobs or any marketing communications effort.

The content of an email marketing must be based on the user experience (UX), to direct the lead to conversion.

In this step, the copywriting works together with design, in order to get the reader to click on a CTA.

Taking into account the stage of the customer journey, resorting to the good old mental trigger always works.

Write impactful subject lines, engaging intros, concise body copy, and CTAs using UX and mind triggers as tools.

In the design part, it is important to apply a visual hierarchy in order to induce, along with the text, the user’s eyes to convert.

For example: the darkest colors are located at the bottom of the email. Thus, the structure of the piece becomes clearer to the reader, making more sense mentally.

The CTA button should contain contrasting colors to draw attention and wake up the mental trigger.

Creating visually appealing and responsive emails goes through these steps, in addition to using appropriate images and formatting the text in a way that is easy to read.

All these techniques, combined with knowing your persona, increase the chances of success of your communication strategy.

4. Metrics and analysis of communication strategy

After knowing the structure of emails on the inside, let’s look at the external environment, which starts with campaign performance metrics.

We list the main KPIs in English for email marketing jobs:

Bounce rate

These are the emails blocked by the providers and, consequently, do not reach recipients’ inbox.

If the number of bounces reaches 3% of the total of any list, the IP or server is classified as a spammer.

Therefore, monitoring this metric is essential and must be done frequently to avoid blocking campaigns.

SafetyMails is a 19-step email verification tool designed to remove bounced emails from your lists.

Conversion rate

Was your segmentation done correctly? And is your communication approach affecting your persona?

Conversion rate has these and other answers that will measure whether conversions are coming from and where they are coming from.

Open rate

How many recipients opened the messages X the amount of and more sent. If the open rate is growing, it means your subject line is working.

Through this metric, you can also find out if the emails are being blocked by the providers, because if they are not opened, it is because the messages are not reaching the inbox.

Again, email verification becomes critical to the effectiveness of email marketing jobs.

Click through rate

Is your lead engaged with the content you send? The click-through rate is calculated from the total number of clicks divided by the number of emails sent.

Emails without engagement for more than 3 months are classified as spammers by providers.

Email validation identifies inactive emails and categorizes all at-risk addresses in reports with daily graphs.

Email list growth

Is your lead form converting? Your landing page content must be persuasive enough, and the reading easy.

The list growth rate analyzes whether the communication strategies applied in the forms are effective.

If the contact list doesn’t grow after applying a landing page, it means that the campaign must be rethought.

SafetyMails real-time email verification API protects registration forms through an autocorrect.

That way, invalid emails are prevented from entering your lists.

5. Automation for email marketing jobs

Using email marketing platforms is as important as creating a good communication strategy.

Companies and professionals that use email marketing jobs need a robust service to segment customers, qualify and nurture leads according to their stage of the buying journey, integrate these leads with CRM and several other functions.

That’s where marketing automation comes in, making life easier for those who need to use emails frequently.

Imagine a company that sends 10,000 emails a day… Automation is extremely necessary in cases like these.

Knowing how to use these software to create automation flows, segment audiences and customize the user experience based on behavior is essential for anyone who makes professional use of e mails.

6. Email marketing trends and best practices

Keeping up with best practices, changes in email provider algorithms, and technological innovations is critical for professionalism to stand out in email marketing jobs.

Everything changes very fast and being up to date means predicting what might happen in the market. That is why it is so important to observe trends and make information your greatest ally.

7. Compliance with regulations

Familiarizing yourself with the laws and regulations related to email marketing jobs, such as the ADPPA (US) and (EU) GDPR is the first step to not having your IP or server listed on a blacklist. This involves:

  • Obtain consent from email recipients via Opt-in.
  • Ensure the privacy and protection of user data by exposing this information.
  • Include the unsubscribe option in all emails.

To improve your email marketing jobs

In this article, we saw two aspects of the professional use of e mails for your email marketing jobs. The first refers to campaigns.

It is necessary to segment the public, plan the campaign and define the piece using the user experience based on copywriting and design.

In the second aspect, metrics, automation, market trends and compliance with regulations form the support network that will collaborate for the success of email marketing communication strategy.

These concepts, combined with a clean email list, are the keys to a successful email marketing campaign.

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