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Email Marketing trends in 2019: experts point of view

[ Email Marketing trends in 2019 ] He is stronger and better than ever. Emails have never sold as much as now! To get an idea of its potential, email is the key to identifying nearly 3 billion people worldwide. With a 7% growth per year, there will be more than 5 billion email accounts, with 246 billion messages being exanged every day by the end of 2019!

These are the key aspects that you need to know and invest for the maximum return on your email marketing!

“Figuring out what the next big trend is tells us what we should focus on”.
Mark Zuckerberg

However, anti-spam filters from ISPs are getting smarter and consumers are getting more and more demanding.  For this reason, you can’t keep on doing the “same old, same old” or think that email marketing can be done in anyway.

We’ve talked to some of the top brazilian digital marketing to raise the main Email Marketing trends in 2019 so you can focus your efforts and achieve the best results.

Taking into account the testimonies and opinions of these experts, it was possible to make a tripod, formed by “Recipient, Intelligence and Automation”, as you can see in the chart below. The cross between aspects of this tripod led to very interesting conclusions. Shall we see them?

Email Marketing Trends 2019

Artificial Intelligence (and human too) 😉

To execute an email marketing strategy, there is an infinity of data, from several sources: navigation behavior in the site (abandoned carts, average ticket size, purchase histories, downloads of various materials), historical behavioral data of email campaigns (engagements, clicks, devices used, type of content clicked, main interaction times), among many others. The secret lies in how such data is cross-referenced in order to ensure that the best content (value and experience) will be offered at the right time for the right people (timing).

Intelligence + Recipient = Value

When intelligence places its focus on the recipient’s figure, we have the elements capable of generating value – a fundamental issue to increase the engagement and notion of relevance that is so important for improving results.

Heating the engines for LGPD/GDPR

Rodrigo de Almeida - Enviou
Rodrigo de Almeida

An important element that is a day-to-day concerns for managers is the legal framework of any actions of the General Data Protection Act (Brazilian Law). Rodrigo de Almeida, Commercial Director of Enviou, and Anselmo Massad, Marketing Manager of ContaAzul, raised this important question: “Often, many companies use email bases that don’t have opt-ins and thus will be subject to the sanctions envisaged by law, “Rodrigo recalls.

In fact, the need for a more complete and transparent opt-in is needed, as Anselmo Massad recalls: “you will not be able to send emails (neither by telephone, nor SMS, nor WhatsApp) to people who have not yet expressly accepted your contacts. This includes transactional emails (those sent whenever a user performs a task in a software) or informational, such as reports).

anselmo massad conta azul
Anselmo Massad

The data collection acceptance messages will spread through the Brazilian web as in the case of what happened to sites in Europe and other markets, with implications for rejection (upwards bias) and conversion rates (downward bias)”, explains Anselmo.

The high bias in opt-in rejection is due to the fact that people may become intimidated rather than motivated in the registration process, precisely because of the more complex character that data requests messages and registration confirmation will take, giving a dimension of commitment that previously went unnoticed in most cases.

The challenge is to adapt these processes to texts and screens that are friendly and with minimal “legal language”, leaving communication fluent and clear, trying not to include steps that end up functioning as bottlenecks.

What you should do: adapt your email marketing to the law as soon as possible. If you still don’t know what the LGPD is, it‘s time to roll up your sleeves! The deadline for the forced entry into LGPD rules in Brazil is February 2020.

Transparent information

There is a crisis of confidence in the digital market. After cases such as the “Cambridge Analytica”, consumers were concerned about the buying and selling of personal data. A survey by Sailthru states that 60% of consumers are uncomfortable with the security of their personal data. The market has responded through data protection laws, such as the GDRP (European) and LGPD (Brazilian). Transparency in requesting and processing data is one of the elements of governance that now, in addition to being ethical, will be mandatory.

Also, remember to always make it clear in your emails, information such as “you’re getting this email because …”

What you should do: All of your lead generation forms need to have a clear text of what treatments and destinations to whom the requesteed information will be given to, as well as provide links to privacy and data protection policy documents.

The fight against SPAM

Email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, have focused their efforts on optimizing their intelligence in filtering email messages, seeking to deliver to their users those most relevant. As a result, more email may be destined for the dreaded spam box (or junk). To improve filtering, providers have invested in machine learning systems to make their filters smarter.

The intelligence systems will allow, through much better elaborated segmentations, fewer emails sent and contents better targeted, without damaging results.

Protection for email bases

Maybe you don’t know, but both senders (your email marketing tool) and providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) no longer tolerate the existence of invalid emails in submissions, causing blockages and drop of reputation (in the case of providers) or even preventing sending and closing accounts (in the case of tools). Therefore, taking care that they don’t form part of your bases is essential.

In addition, other than the blocking problem (which is already reason enough to be concerned), it’s estimated that validated bases can promote a 119% growth in conversions and a substantial reduction in Cost per Lead (CPL) and real-time email testing.

Priscila Gonçalves
Priscila Gonçalves

Priscila Gonçalves, SafetyMail’s CEO, reminds us that “Email validation and verification is more than just a Email Marketing trends in 2019, but a real need for email marketing strategies to not hamper their results”.

Companies like Webmotors, Samsung, among hundreds of others, already carry out real-time validations for their email bases to ensure the quality of the capture and the security that segmentation will present safe and secure sending email addresses.

Invest in intelligence software

There comes a time when Excel no longer resolves your problems. There are numerous services available in the market for data processing and intelligence generation. Remember that this is an investment, not an expense. Making your processes smarter will also make them more profitable. But don’t leave everything in the hands of technology, okay? Artificial intelligence helps you analyze behaviors and interests, but the decision and content creation is done by humans.

What you should do: Search for Intelligence-specific SaaS softwares or tools, or even email marketing services that have Artificial Intelligence functionality’s to help you with your analysis.


Graziele Grossklags
Graziele Grossklags

The current culture is experience driven. According to Graziele Grossklags, CRM and Email Marketing Analyst at ContaAzul, in-depth knowledge of the recipients’ preferences allows increasingly personalized (and relevant) content to be offered: “people expect email content to be more than those uninteresting and impersonal business messages. With artificial intelligence, it’s possible to predict consumer behavior, their affinity with certain content, time and manner in which they generally like to receive them, ” she says.

The important thing is to combine the information obtained in order to produce better emails. According to Caroline Gomes, Director of Customer Success at Dinamize, the email “stops being just an ecommerce use with sales focus and becomes the main channels of retention and customer loyalty with the help of marketing automation platforms.

What you should do: Don’t let the marketing myopia make you believe that your whole base is interested in your content. It’s not. Each group has specific needs. Its mission is to adapt all contents to maintain relevance, respecting the segmentations.


Client, user, lead, recipient. All these nomenclatures refer, as a rule, to the same person. The difference is that at the moment of the sales funnel, where that person is at that moment. In terms of marketing, neglecting this person is fatal to a business. Therefore, it wouldn’t be possible to design a strategic scheme for email marketing where the recipient isn’t one of its pillars (the most important of them).

Recipient + Automation = Experience

Having the recipient as the star and the main pillar of email marketing, seeking to maximize interaction capabilities for an enriching experience is vital to strengthen the relationship and promote increased brand loyalty.

However, enriching experiences requires a great deal of effort. And that is where, once again, we can rely on technology through the automation mechanisms to offer the best to the recipients. And, as is well known, we will increasingly adopt automation practices to facilitate everyday tasks and processes.


E-mail customizations are essential to meeting the demands of recipients and providers.

In the case of providers, the more personalized an email is, the more individualized it is. This means that although several “equal” emails are sent at the same time, the provider understands that the content of those emails have a differences between them. And that’s good for deliverability.

In the case of the recipients, personalized emails convey an idea of exclusivity, of “this was done for me”. And nothing is cooler in a dialogue than showing care. In addition, contrary to what many people think, you don’t just customize texts. You can customize links and images too! And that helps a lot, like you when we talked about automation

As Graziele Grossklags says, “If the content doesn’t prove that we know who we’re talking to and respect the privacy of people, sending the right messages at the right time, it will be very difficult to attract the attention of potential customers. Keep personalizing more and more, in every possible field”.

What you should do: Bet on customizations for all elements of email marketing: subject line, hyperlinks, call-to-action, email footer, top greeting. Get away from the simple customization of just the name and bet on various customizations, including content and offers.

Emotional marketing

People are motivated by emotions. Using communication strategies that explore emotional connections that will stimulate the consumer to identify and create a link with the brand and, ultimately, sell their products or services, is highly effective in the current consumer market.

To reach the emotion of the recipientes, one must know them well and be strategic. Only then will the emotional triggers be activated.

Be careful not to let the gun backfire by activating negative feelings! Be well-studied before taking any action, okay?

What you should do: Use intelligence mechanisms to map the most sensitive points of your recipients. With this information, explore the possibilities of customization available and create pleasant moments by disguising the commercial content of your messages.

A more personal touch

Rafael Rez
Rafael Rez

With social networks dominating the communication between brands and consumers, the use of a personal touch has proven to be highly effective, considering some cases such as Netflix have shown.

This relaxed and friendly tone is a Email Marketing trends in 2019 that should sweep the email market, bringing messages closer to the recipients. Giving special attention to subject lines: only a few characters will be responsible for the attention or disregard of the recipients, in the midst of the competition in the inboxes.

Rafael Rez, one of the most respected content marketing experts in the country, states that “email continues to be the main channel of direct marketing in the digital world year after year. But in the midst of so many messages and funnels, it’s the personalization that is the best bet for 2019. Emails in a personal tone, valuing the reader, will be essential”.

What you should do: rewrite your content keeping in mind what a friendly, relaxed conversation would look like, close to the tone of a friendly talk. But, remember to take the target audience into consideration as there are cases where the email should be formal.

Optimized layouts

Thanks to technology, you know which devices your recipients are interacting with your emails. For this reason you should create layouts that are friendly and inviting according to their device.

In addition, performing A/B tests helps map out the most successful layout elements for openings and clicks (such as subject lines and call-to-action buttons/links).

What you should do: seek to adopt “mobile-first” methodologies for creating layouts, using lighter images and simpler codes. Abuse of email rendering test tools.


If before the marketing activities required several professionals working manually or even a single professional being obliged to dedicate several hours of their day to repetitive tasks, automation has been presenting in the last years a welcome reinforcement in the day to day of professionals to perform their tasks better, after all, devoting time to planning and studying is so much more beneficial and profitable than programming systems and shipments.

Automation + Intelligence = Timing

It’s not new information that timing is a feature that adds value to activities of a business. The industrial concept of “just in time” reiterates this statement. When we understand the decisive moments of a process (intelligence) and act directly and actively on these points in order to make them highly efficient (automation), we have the productivity gain that brings in so many results.

Custom Rulers

Among the goals of relationship rulers in email marketing are increased engagement and sales, user reactivation, grassroots education, and a closer relationship.

Rulers are a very smart way to optimize your time, predicting the behaviors of recipients and sending emails to answer questions, boost consumption and even increase the average ticket sales you make..

Triggered emails should also be part of your relationship rulers. These emails have interesting features as they are necessarily triggered by previous recipient actions on links from other campaigns. That is, without interaction these emails are not sent. This avoids annoying the recipient by sending excessive and inopportune emails.

Graziele Grosklags summarizes, warning that “Email strategy needs to exceed current expectations. For this it needs to: put potential customers first, personalized and personal content, context from data and delivery at the right time. And it’s important to remember and point out that it’s no good just to create an automation and leave it forgotten. We must always test new approaches and ensure the highest possible performance”.

What you should do: Pick up paper, pens, post-its, assemble your team and  re-evaluate the relationship rulers, taking into account, among other things, the sales funnels and types of customers your business attract.

Dynamic Emails

Sending recommendations (from products, services and even content) tailored to your recipients, making use of highly customized information and making your email marketing dynamic turning email marketing into a very powerful tool.

Some features that dynamic email can offer are those that produce:

  • Sense of urgency: emails whose appeal or content refers to a limited period for an action to be taken usually have high effectiveness. There are, for example, codes for generating countdown clocks for emails.
  • Sense of opportunity: retrieval emails of abandoned shopping carts, with products that were part of the basket (and also related products), are great.
  • Location Sense: Regionalizing promotions from geolocation data is a very interesting way of getting the attention of your recipients.Can you imagine gathering this information from the weather forecast for the time of shipment? An email that offers content or products/services that are contextualized by the weather: is it cold? Hot?
  • Sense of dialogue: autoresponders and triggered emails are great tools to bring communication closer without making your teams meet the demands of the recipients. A triggered email works with the concept that links in an email can trigger mechanisms (triggers) to send other emails (with more information, for example). Receiving a new email with just one click (on an open email screen) causes a really cool feeling! Ubisoft usually sends emails to its customers with data of their performance in a particular game in real time. Very interesting
  • Sense of movement: as humans, we like movement. When we offer movement in an email (usually static), we draw the attention and direct behavior of the recipient. The use of email body gifs and motion codes (such as countdown scripts for clocks) make email layout much more interesting and engaging.
Caroline Gomes
Caroline Gomes

Caroline Gomes, Director of Customer Success at Dinamize emphasizes the importance of “fewer ready-made templates and more human communication” in the production of layouts, even in those text-plain, have arrived to stay. The production of these emails should also take into account that “the amount of content that users has today to consume email / internet / social networks is much larger than the time he has available” and “the email stops being just for e-commerce use, with sales focus and becomes one of the main channels of retention and customer loyalty with the help of marketing automation platforms”, she adds.

What you should do: Now that you’re working with your relationship rulers, it’s time to study the dynamic email possibilities that apply to your business. Creativity is everything even in the simplest emails!

Focus on retention

Raphael Lassance
Raphael Lassance

One of the maxims of the market is that the acquisition of new customers is always more expensive than its retention. This is a fact. And, why ignore this when planning email marketing? “It’s critical for the maintenance of a business in the long run,” recalls Raphael Lassance, CO-founder of the Growth Team.

Using automation features to create specific rules for retention/loyalty of your customers is a smart way to use email marketing: “These are campaigns that are actually very simple to activate and, therefore, increase the revenue generated by them in the life cycle of their relationship with their brand, “adds Raphael.

What you should do: Re-evaluate your relationship rulers and see what you have really done in order to reactivate your customers, promote new purchases, increase your average ticket. Make course corrections.


João Cardozo
João Cardozo

The level of segmentation that automation is able to achieve, using data generated by intelligence, can reach extreme levels, called Nano-segmentation. This means that a cluster that meets a specific target (sometimes taking into account dozens of variables) can count on eventually a few emails. But the level of segmentation is so efficient that it makes conversion an unavoidable consequence.

Obviously, you may think that this would still be a disposable preciosity. But, think about products with greater added value and you’ll find that the effort has a really big impact on the ROI.

“The bigger the email base, the more complex and laborious this strategy becomes, start with smaller actions and evolve as you understand the best ways to fit it into your routine,” says João Paulo Cardozo, a specialist in Email Marketing of Digital Results.

What you should do: Feed your CRM with the most data, being that behavioral (depend on interactions on the site) or not (through enrichment of leads). When offering specific products/services, explore as closely as possible the possibilities that segmentation can offer. In this case, the lower the result of emails that meet the targets, the closer to a good conversion result you’ll be.

Time to get your hands dirty!

What are the Email Marketing trends in 2019? Do you already adopt any of the strategies that we stated in this article? Tell us about yourself! Like SafetyMails on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! 😉 It’s time to go back to the drawing board and plan your actions.

Write down, evaluate, study the all possibilities involved and get excellent results! The time is now!

Collaborated with us in this article:

Conta Azul, a developer of financial control and online management solutions for small businesses.

Enviou, tool platform to increase the conversion of the two-time ABCOMM e-commerce winner.

Resultados Digitais, developer of the most used automation marketing tool in Brazil.

Growth Team, the first agency of Growth Hacking in Brazil, reference in the segment.

Dinamize, a digital marketing company, leader in email marketing.

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