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Ferramentas de email marketing essenciais

Essential tools for email marketing

Every day, we have many tasks to carry out in email marketing. The demand for work and good ideas is huge and we are not always inspired nor full of good ideas. Also, creating some materials can be a repetitive and exhausting process. So, how to make it easier?

In this article, we will introduce you to some online services that will help you in your email marketing activities.

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Essential tools for email marketers

  1. Really Good Emails

    online email marketing curator

  2. Ezgif

    Creation and edition of animated GIFs

  3. Blacklist Alert

    Blacklisting checkout

  4. BeeFree.io

    Drag’n drop online editor for email marketing

  5. TinyPNG

    Online image compression tool

  6. SafetyMails

    Email verifier platform

You can watch this content on SafetyMails email verifier channel on Youtube

really good emails

Really Good Emails

Website: https://reallygoodemails.com/

The Really Good Emails website (https://reallygoodemails.com/) is an online curator with more than eight thousand email templates, organized by categories and companies.

These emails are real; that is, they were or are part of email marketing campaigns from different companies and serve as an excellent design reference to bring insights into your creative work, especially when we’re staring at a white screen.

There are email templates for welcomes, recommendations, activation, discounts, and more.

As it has a collaborative feature. The site also allows you to upload your own email template, helping the email marketing community around the world.



Website: https://ezgif.com/

This powerful and practical online tool (https://ezgif.com/) allows you to create, edit and optimize animated Gifs for free.

Among the numerous features available, Ezgif lets you:

  • create a GIF from a sequence of images
  • create a GIF from a video
  • edit and optimize a GIF you created yourself
  • edit or optimize a GIF you found on the internet
  • add image and text layers over a GIF

The tool also lets you combine animated Gifs, reduce the file size, its dimensions or split a gif into several parts.

For your email marketing to become more attractive and interactive, it’s a complete solution!


Website: https://blacklistalert.org/

Before conducting your email marketing campaigns, it’s good to check if everything is ok, right? On the BlacklistAlert website(https://blacklistalert.org/) you can perform a complete check of domain or IP addresses over thirty blacklisting services.

It is easy to understand when BlacklistAlert identifies that you are on a blacklist. From there, all you have to do is access the blacklist’s website and proceed with the necessary steps to delist.

The service is a great help to avoid future blacklisting services that may be listing your domain or IP. You often don’t know you’re in trouble. So, enjoy this tip.

BeeFree io


Website: https://beefree.io/

The online platform for creating email templates (https://beefree.io/)is completely free.

It allows users to create emails from pre-built templates or create them from scratch according to whatever you want, using block structures in a drag-and-drop editor.

This application, however, does not allow the creation of very complex layouts. But for those who don’t know HTML and need to build responsive emails quickly, it’s an excellent tool.

Bee Free allows you to export the layout created with HTML and images so that you can use it in your own email marketing tool.

If you want access to more templates and features, Bee Free allows you to upgrade from the free plan to paid plans.

BeeFree io


Website: https://tinypng.com/

One of the best practices for email marketing is to use the lightest images, avoiding loading difficulties when the message is opened by the recipients.

The TinyPNG website (https://tinypng.com/) offers a file compression service that reduces the weight of PNG and JPG files. The effect is barely noticeable and makes a big difference in the load-time performance of emails.

In addition to giving e-mail marketing a much lighter data transmission footprint, the service is also used to optimize the loading time of web pages, which also helps a lot in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.


SafetyMails – email verification

Website: https://www.safetymails.com/

SafetyMails (https://www.safetymails.com) is an email verification platform, which aims to protect email marketing from blocking and damage of reputation caused by invalid or non-existent email addresses, in addition to preventing other types of harmful emails from being part of your email list, such as disposable emails and spamtraps.

Our service lets you check emails from an email list, simply by uploading your file. It is also possible to verify emails in real-time when registering new subscribers on a landing page or various registration forms, through an API.

And you? What other useful email marketing services and tools do you know about and would like to share with us.

Why is it important to implement an email verification service in your strategy?

When you build an email database, you surely want to have real people connected in your lists.

However, many people give a fake email address or an invalid one. They can simply make silly spelling mistakes during the registration process in your landing page or newsletters, for example.

SafetyMails has an expertise in prevent your whole strategy went to waste because you ended up with several addresses that are not fit to use. In other words, using our email verifier, your collected addresses are real, and can generate engagement.

In case of typos, the service can solicit corrections and reviews, making sure you don’t lose a promising lead. Everything happens in real-time and the email checker api is accurate and fast.

Would you like to know us better? Test now and check emails for free!

Choose SafetyMails email verification tool and see how easy it is to make sure no invalid or harmful addresses get to your subscriber lists!

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