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Web Summit 2023 Rio: get to know the city in a different way

Those who come to the Web Summit 2023 Rio are looking for innovations. Indeed.

Seeing as SafetyMails is an email checker, we went a step further, and checked what Rio de Janeiro has to offer that is not necessarily listed in the most popular tourist points.

Rio, which will host the Web Summit for the next six years starting in 2023, is also called the wonderful city because of its stunning nature and tropical climate.

Just as email verification ensures a great placement in the inbox, we guarantee a great itinerary for you to discover Rio de Janeiro!

Follow along to learn about places you won’t find on the common tourist itinerary in Rio:

  • Uptown Rio
  • Rua Olegário Maciel
  • Praia do Pontal
  • Mureta do Leme
  • Lapa
  • Rua do Rio
  • Boulevard Olímpico
  • Pista Cláudio Coutinho

Ready to know Rio? SafetyMails shows the way!

Uptown Rio: everything in one place

Also known as “producers’ market”, UpTown Rio is a large open air space that brings together stores selling organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs, as well as fishmongers and liquor stores.

It is a perfect place for a long walk, because the attractions range from special events, such as The Classic Car Meeting, creative workshops for children, a large gastronomic center, and services such as hairdressers and stores selling different articles.

Chat on Olegário Maciel Street

A street that has become a point of cariocas’ happy hour. Here, chatting in front of the beach yields hours of leisure together with friends. In the summer, the warm afternoons invite you to have a cold beer between swims.

The beach style that reflects the carioca’s soul offers several options of bars with a typical dish, known as “bar food”. These are snacks that accompany drinks such as caipirinhas and draft beers. All very cold to match with the warm city!

Sunbathing on Pontal Beach

The beautiful Pontal Beach is a great option for those who want to enjoy a quiet beach.

But there are also options of walks that can be taken before or after getting on the sand and diving into the sea. Here, it is possible to sunbathe on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, and even hiking.

There are also those who prefer to take a walk along the shore, enjoying the view and taking beautiful pictures.

Did you realize that Rio is not only Ipanema and Copacabana beach?

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Mureta do Leme: a living painting

Sit down on one of the chairs at the kiosk and enjoy the landscape in front of you while sipping coconut water. The view is stunning. And at sunset, it is unbeatable!

In the afternoon, walk a little further ahead the kiosk and get to know the fishermen’s path.

You will see the entire Copacabana waterfront, seagulls, a privileged view of the sea (since the path extends to a point far from the shore), lots of people chatting and, of course, fishing. The scenery is so beautiful that it looks like a painting.

Lapa is Rio’s face

Traditional carioca bohemia runs through the Lapa neighborhood, which brings back Rio’s past at a time when the streets were paved in cobblestone.

The diversity of bars has options ranging from happy hour to parties with lots of fun, live music (mostly samba), caipirinha and beer.

Another interesting attraction in the neighborhood is a small old train, affectionately called “bondinho”.

The train, historical heritage since 1983, runs along a path that begins in Lapa and ends in Santa Teresa, a neighborhood situated on a hill.

The train ride recalls memories of the 19th century, through the architecture of the old houses in Santa Teresa, passing also by the famous Arcos da Lapa; an aqueduct built in the 18th century. Today, it is one of Rio’s postcards.

The official street of Rio

To register the cariocas’ passion for the bohemian Lapa, Santa Teresa, and other downtown areas, the official street of Rio was created, and it’s called “Rua do Rio” (in portuguese).

This street reproduces the old Rio scene with lots of samba and related rhythms, caipirinhas and draft beer. There are also the beloved “petiscos”; the bar food that accompanies the chat and the happiness of the cariocas.

Despite being built inside a shopping mall, Rua do Rio is outdoor and maintains the cobblestone paving, so characteristic of the city’s bohemian scene.

Gold medal for Olympic Boulevard

The 2016 Olympic Games were held in Rio, and as a legacy of this great event, Olympic Boulevard (also known as Porto Maravilha) was created. It is a cultural corridor on the shores of Guanabara Bay, at the Port’s wharf.

It all starts with an open air art gallery containing several graffiti murals. The space brings together arts of several authors that portray urban, ethnic, and contemporary art themes.

There is also the Museum of Tomorrow, specializing in futuristic science and exploration, the Rio Art Museum, which expresses the city’s culture , AquaRIO, the largest marine aquarium in Latin America, and the African Heritage Circuit, with routes that tells the story of black people enslaved in Rio.

Those who don’t like walking can travel the entire route by VLT, a train that connects the Olympic Boulevard to Rio’s downtown. 

Cláudio Coutinho path

Contact with nature is commonplace in Rio de Janeiro. It is difficult to choose among so many enchanting places to take a walk enjoying the view of the sea.

Because it is officially an ecological reserve, the Cláudio Coutinho path offers a ride rich in contact with native flora and fauna, with the company of birds, marmosets and other small animals.

The view of the ocean is wonderful because the path is well above sea level.

For those who like physical activities, the path also has a trekking to the Sugar Loaf. The downhill can be made by cable car or on foot, for those who are willing.

Those who are arriving for Web Summit 2023 Rio will be fascinated with so much beauty!

And the best part of it all is that most of the tours are outdoors. So, almost everything is free!

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