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Web Summit 2023

Web Summit 2023: SafetyMails twice as innovative

Web Summit 2023: technology is SafetyMails’ cup of tea, which has been named twice consecutively as one of the most innovative startups in Brazil in the digital marketing segment, through its email verification tool.

By 2025, the number of e-mails sent worldwide is expected to increase to something around 376 billion daily, according to a forecast by Statista.com.

With this market, those who don’t invest in email marketing will end up running aground in communicating with customers.

When the 2023 Web Summit anchors in Rio de Janeiro, it will get the market sun at the best time, and SafetyMails is ready to show all the potential of the brazilian email marketing sector.

The technology behind sending an email is exponential. Few people know how important email verification is to collaborate with the entry of messages in the recipient’s inbox.

And because it is the biggest ROI of digital marketing with low investment, it is possible to create large email lists.

72% of adult consumers choose email as the best communication channel. So, the deliverability of messages in the inbox becomes essential for lead generation and business activation.

For these  reasons, email validation has to be at Web Summit’s schedule. And SafetyMails will be there to justify it.

The technology of each email sending

Imagine a billing company, which sends 30,000 emails daily (in this case, some of SafetyMails customers).

If more than half of the email marketing addresses are invalid — which is common for those who work with large lists — the senders will not receive the digital invoice and consequently, not make the payment requested by the billing company.

And worse: the company will be penalized by email providers, which block senders that have only 3% invalid addresses in their lists.

Now, let’s imagine why invalid email addresses are so common:

  • Registration errors are commonplace: how many people type “gamil”, instead of gmail?
  • Disposable emails: how many people create emails only to be in a promotion, and then never use that address again?
  • Inactive emails: those people who haven’t opened their email for more than 9 months…

All these situations are configured as harmful emails to the sender, who is exposed to penalties by email providers.

SafetyMails software offers precise technology: the real-time email validation API corrects invalid addresses and delivers them rectified, already as part of a clean list. This is the case for gamil instead of gmail, among other errors.

And it doesn’t stop there.

19-step checker

To verify thousands of emails simultaneously, SafetyMails detects and removes invalid, discarded, spamtraps, and risky emails from email marketing lists.

All addresses go through a very demanding screening, containing 19 stages. In the following, we will look at some stages of SafetyMails verifier and know how it works:

  • The syntax verifier analyzes whether the sender complies with the RFCs (Request for Comments), created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF); the community that develops the Internet protocols.
  • The identification of catch-all domains points out polluted domains that trigger harmful email, contaminating the entire list.
  • MX (mail exchange) verifier analyzes whether the domain route to a mail server is working without errors.
  • The spamtraps remover identifies and removes non-engaging addresses that damage the sender’s reputation.
  • The temporary mail identifier deletes all disposable addresses.
  • The bounces checker prevents the presence of polluted addresses in the list.

All these actions provide agility to the processes of those who work with extensive email marketing lists.

SafetyMails’ technology also provides an organizer that makes the list easy to view:

  • Domain classification separates free and corporate emails.
  • The functional mail detector classifies corporate email addresses according to their organizational functions.
  • The domain corrector corrects typing errors automatically.
  • The report generator presents detailed and reliable information about the list.

Find out how SafetyMails helps you get better results from your campaigns.

Web Summit 2023: SafetyMails will take sucess

More than a company that cooperates with the deliverability of communication campaigns, SafetyMails is the first Brazilian company that unmasks the issue of email marketing as the highest ROI in digital marketing.

The startup promoted great events — Email Marketing Summit and Email Marketing 360º Immersion — held in 2021 and 2022, respectively, which gathered the biggest names in Brazil.

The success of the meetings with participants and spectators is confirmation that investing in email marketing is extremely profitable, not only in Brazil, but also worldwide. And that is what we want to bring to Web Summit 2023.

SafetyMails is always at the forefront of the market, talking about the email marketing industry as a whole.

Also in 2022, the startup promoted an update training on Data Protection Laws (LGPD in Brazil), focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the internal team and partners.

What will come after the movement of Web Summit 2023 is not known, but there is the certainty that SafetyMails will always be stirring the seas of email marketing in the brazilian market and, in the future, the seven seas of the world market.