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23 newsletter ideas to grow your results

A huge amount of emails that people receive every day will end up deleted without being opened in the first place.

Actually, everyone is quite fed up with receiving uninteresting emails. People simply delete the messages just to keep their mailboxes clean. This means that not having your messages opened is not always your fault.

These facts must be brought into the light, especially when we are discussing newsletter ideas to grow your results. Making people open the delivered emails has become a challenge for everyone in the marketing world.

Developing and writing relevant content is important to building a successful sender score. There are some newsletter ideas that were already tested and they proved themselves to be effective on the mission of making individuals open and read messages.

Check them out and use it to bring results for you and your company!

1. Welcome series

First impressions stick around for a long time. That’s why you need to send welcome and thank-you messages to the newcomers, as known as new leads.

After all, they trust you enough to give you their email. Sending welcome emails is the least you could do. It will not only demonstrate the new leads are valuable and irreplaceable to you, but it is going to make your company’s name be in their minds.

The Welcome series is also a great opportunity to encourage the first conversion as well. You can give them a special discount. This will make them turn from observers to active customers. They will be a step closer to buying products or hiring services.

Start by sending a heartfelt welcome message. After a few days send another message introducing your brand and most popular products. By the second week, you can already approach them with promotional emails, looking for conversions.

Don’t forget to send these newcomers your regular newsletters, according to their frequency preferences, after this first encounter finishes.

2. Case studies

New leads often need an additional push before they perform any action on your platforms. Case studies work very well for this purpose. They are social proof that people have already had positive experiences concerning your company.

When people read stories or watch videos about how successful they were because of your products or about how your company has helped to solve some kind of problem, they feel encouraged to have a similar experience.

Make sure to collect case studies, testimonials, and reviews to elaborate newsletters to share these stories, highlighting that your readers can experience the same kind of accomplishment. These newsletter ideas will be worth it.

3. Interview industry experts

To get people’s attention, you must request opinions and interpretations from industry experts.

That’s why interviewing good references in your field of work is a good idea. These interviews are unique, special, and made especially for your audience. Offering something like this will certainly add value to your brand.

This way, people will get excited to receive these exclusive opinions. They might even establish countdowns to see your email arriving. Interviews can surely benefit your Open and Engagement Rates. 

4. Share industry news

Don’t focus on your company only. Look at what is currently happening around your business, and keep your community informed.

Let us provide a simple example. Let’s suppose you run an investment company. Do you want to send people only messages related to the investments you are offering or keep people informed about the whole global economy?

The second option will add trust and market references to more specific newsletters, making them even more interesting. You can also explore this strategy to prepare the terrain for future projects, making sure your audience is prepared for what you have in store.

Finally, don’t be too generic or too isolated when you share industry news. Don’t try to sell all the time too. Invest in content that is relevant to your audience, aiming at getting people informed.

5. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you realize too many subscribers are having problems with a specific feature of your platforms, you can create a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) column to remove people’s doubts. Contrary to what you might be thinking, FAQs are not limited to homepages.

This is going to help many subscribers at the same time, while it contributes to bringing relief to the Customer Experience and Customer Support Departments in your company.

This is one of the newsletter ideas that have different goals simultaneously: sharing valuable content and helping customers in their conversion journey. It’s a win-win situation, both for your company and users.

You can also ask users about their main doubts and difficulties, and create new FAQ sections from time to time, starting an open discussion with your audience and generating engagement as well. This will also help you fix the main issues in your platforms.

6. Educate about your product

Sometimes, people don’t buy some products or hire some services because they aren’t aware of how they are supposed to work or they should be managed.

You should know that customers are always suspicious. They will always demand visual proof. These practical examples are going to take care of it because you put your items under the spotlight, revealing what they are all about.

This issue can be easily fixed with informative newsletters about products or services. Your emails can function as some kind of guide, in the form of texts or videos (or both), depending on your line of work.

As long as these educational emails are easy to digest (remember, you are trying to solve people’s problems, not creating new ones), this strategy can be responsible for a growth in the sales of a certain product. Keep the language simple and straight to the point.

When people have the power of knowledge, they become confident to make a purchase. Sharing guidelines through email is one of the best newsletter ideas.

7. Share new products and features

Consumers don’t know that they need something until they actually see it. Because of that you should use new products as a theme for newsletters.

Your company spends a lot of time in the development process of a new product. It has never-seen-before features, and it is going to help many people solve their daily problems.

On the release day, you want to sell as many items as you can, in order to get some well-deserved reward. What happens if nobody is aware of it?

Your public needs to know about this new release, and sharing newsletters introducing it to the world is an efficient manner to do so.

Moreover, sending newsletters before the release day makes your public get excited to see it arriving in the market, which is excellent when you want to create some buzz around it.

You can explore some text to present its exclusive functionalities, as well as demonstration videos. You can even consider some early reviews and testimonials.

Try sending the newsletters about this new release to people who have looked for similar products on your pages or have already requested them.

Teaching people how to use products/services through newsletters is something that you should do. Besides advertising your product, you can attract traffic to your pages and channels, increasing your visibility. This newsletter ideas you can’t miss. 

8. Events invites and follow-ups

Special invitation makes you feel very welcome in a place and It works very well for dinner parties, and the same goes for events you eventually hold in the future.

When organizing a special event, for example, celebrating a new release, a special milestone, an anniversary, or any date like this, make sure to send an invite through email.

You will receive many attendees, bringing your company to the spotlight. Afterward, you can send some piece of event recap, sending to the ones who couldn’t make it. Hopefully, they will be able to be present at the next opportunity.

You don’t have to think too big. Think of a webinar or a live announcement on social media. Send an invitation, and also reminders, to your audience.

Highlight the subject of the event, why it is relevant, who is going to be present, and some kind of teaser, inspiring the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feeling in your subscribers. You will see many people online on your channels, appreciating you.

9. Coupons and Promotions

Your subscribers deserve some type of gift every once and a while. They can be given through seasonal newsletters.

This newsletter idea works best with a sense of urgency. Mention that the coupons and promotions are valid for a limited time, encouraging immediate action.

You can include a timer in this email. People hate losing great deals, so you will probably be making a lot of sales.

It is possible to explore these newsletters during holiday seasons or dates that are special for your company for some reason.

You can think of something exclusive for only your current subscribers, or something wider, such as referral programs, attracting new people. It’s your call.

Finally, coupons and promotions can be used in re-engaging campaigns. When you have some subscribers that are inactive for some time now, you can send them special offers, and encourage responses in the form of actions.

10. How-to guides and tutorials

Among all newsletter ideas, How-to Guides and Tutorials are excellent choices. They not only help advertise new products or services, but they are tools to teach people how your items are supposed to be used.

How-to guides could avoid undesired situations such as receiving complaints about items not working properly, when, in reality,  people misusing them or even damaging them.

Think of tutorial photos, short videos, or even bullet-point texts, highlighting the step-by-step configuration of your products. This will help you provide a more positive user experience while it reduces complaints or customer support requests.

If you aren’t sending tutorials or easy-to-understand guides about your products, you are certainly missing out on a great opportunity.

11. Interactive contents

In case you are looking for newsletters ideas to increase engagement rates, you should give interactive content a shot. People like to share their ideas and thoughts about a certain subject, especially when it is related to their own interests.

As users like to be heard, you can plan some interaction-targeted content, such as:

  • Quizzes: you can conduct research through quizzes, asking relevant questions to your subscribers and giving special rewards;
  • Surveys: they are ideal to evaluate your business’ performance, especially when a sale comes to an end, from payment to successful delivery, but keep it quick;
  • Polls: you can use them to collect people’s opinions in a very specific way, as the questions are pretty limited, which is great to evaluate new releases, for instance;
  • Feedback: asking about personal experiences on your platforms will provide valuable insights into ways to make your audience happier, which will keep you in constant improvement;
  • Encourage subscribers to ask questions: if you are looking for engagement, let people know that their opinion is taken into account in your company.

There are many ways to increase engagement levels. You can also turn this engagement into improvements through research. All you need to do is to ask the right questions.

12. Curate content and share your opinion

Curating content is a great manner to share relevant information with your audience. When you are inside a business, you have access to interesting articles and other pieces of text, which are quite restricted to your audience.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can (and should) curate content, that is, select information that you judge as interesting to your audience, spreading knowledge and new findings to your subscriber lists.

This simple action can help your audience become more conscious buyers. If you sell value, not only products, this will benefit your business.

Make sure to spread relevant research, new findings, and new trends in the field of business, adding your opinion too.

13. Share industry lessons

Your journey in the industry shouldn’t be ignored. After all, if you got to the point of running a business, it means you know a thing or two about the industry you work in.

It’s possible to explore your experience from a personal or professional point of view. Or both, depending on the context. These are newsletter ideas that can be adapted to your reality.

What did you learn from your last project? What was your biggest failure? What opportunities did you miss? What was your biggest achievement? What would you say to someone who is starting? Your experience matters. Share it in the form of newsletters.

14. Talk about your mistakes

Just like your experience, the mistakes you made along the way can also be explored as newsletter ideas. Looking back at the beginning of your career will certainly give you content for a month or so.

Point out your most challenging mistakes, trying to teach your audience a lesson. Probably, you will be writing to people in the same position as you once were.

Thus, these newsletters are pretty engaging because they have a personal touch inside them, and they can strongly link your life story to many individuals’ experiences, which accounts for building a strong relationship with your subscribers.

Learning from your mistakes is the key to success. But learning from mistakes other people made, will simply save a lot of time.

15. Give practical examples

Actions speak louder than words. In light of this very popular saying, you should give practical examples of how your products and services should be used.

Remember when you used to study with textbooks, and they brought a lot of theory that was hard to follow, but, eventually, the examples would come in. Suddenly, everything made sense.

As newsletter ideas, you could come up with examples coming from people’s daily routines, and share self-explanatory information concerning your products.

People consume more when they understand the point of certain items and see the practical utility in them. Remember this when you write and design your next newsletters.

16. Share reports, graphics, and infographics

The traditional approach towards newsletters is only-text emails. However, images are just as efficient. In some cases, they are easier to digest and interpret.

When you need to publish some data or complex numbers, infographics and graphics are excellent to convey new data or discoveries. Apart from that, they really hold people’s attention.

If you are out of newsletters ideas, go for reports, graphics, and infographics.

17. Share research and insights

Sharing research related to your field of work is recommendable, especially when you need to be positioned as an expert in the area.

More important than that, research and insights add value to your subscribers, who will be in contact with new knowledge.

So, take a look at what is happening right now, concerning discoveries, trends, and studies, and share it through newsletters.

18. Share templates and checklists

Sharing templates and checklists are excellent newsletter ideas because they make the reader’s life easier.

These shortcuts can save a lot of subscribers’ time and work. That’s why they absolutely love receiving content of this nature.

If you have plenty of templates and checklists, you should share them as newsletters ideas. Your subscribers will appreciate it.

19. Start a referral program

A referral program is an outstanding way to reach new people. By giving incentives, such as a discount or a coupon, you can convince your current subscribers to bring new people to your platforms.

Your subscribers will target friends and family members, people who have similar interests. So, you might get some profit when these new leads become members of your community too.

This is also a great thermometer to measure the willingness of your current subscribers in recommending your services to other groups. In other words, referral programs are excellent to verify how loyal your subscribers are.

If this initiative has low engagement, it means you have to review your strategies, trying to understand why your public isn’t interested in your offers.

Start by checking your email marketing metrics and KPIs, looking for the rates that should be improved.

20. Guest posts or influencer highlights

As you are in the business for a while, you might know some professionals who are working in the same field.

Invite them to write guest posts or influencer highlights in the form of newsletters. They attract a public similar to yours, so this exchange could benefit both parties.

For example, if you work with investments, you probably know tons of economists and bankers. You should get in touch with them, inviting them to write some blog posts or newsletters.

Your subscribers will appreciate this new perspective and their contacts can get to know your platform better. The same goes for the other way around.

Sometimes, you can even publish some articles developed by your subscribers. Showcasing user-generated content will level up your relationship with these users who have their voices heard, alongside everyone else.

This newsletter idea will result in new contacts, and partnerships, generating more insider connections.

21. Year-in-review emails

A year is filled with new accomplishments that should be celebrated, considering your company’s and client’s perspectives.

Sharing the numbers you made in the year helps to demonstrate that your company is still growing. As a consequence, your customers will have more confidence in your brand.

After all, if your company is publishing these numbers, you must be doing something right. In this sense, proving that the clients are a part of the expressive results will keep them engaged.

Take this opportunity to reveal some of the projects for the forthcoming year, setting some goals to be reached and how the subscribers can continue supporting you.

These newsletter ideas are used to express gratitude to subscribers, as well as get them excited about the future.

22. Send personalized messages

Robotically treating your customers is not going to make them stay for a while with you. People enjoy being recognized as unique and irreplaceable individuals.

That’s why sending personalized messages will strengthen your brand. Think of birthday wishes, anniversaries, milestones, or even holidays. It’s important to call them by their names and mention the special event that the newsletter is acknowledging.

You should not only greet your subscribers on these occasions but make special offers to celebrate the occasion.

The customers will feel appreciated, which is necessary for any lasting relationship.

23. Share tips, facts, and ideas

These are newsletter ideas you can use monthly or weekly. Think of tips, facts, and ideas through emails.

This strategy always keeps your audience waiting for the next tip every month or week. So, it is great to add value to your relationship with subscribers.

With these tips, ideas, and facts, you get to constantly share interesting knowledge, creating a connection with your contacts.

Sharing some inspirational quotes will also get your emails opened. Not only that, but sometimes, your daily inspiration might be just what your subscribers need to hear to get through the day.

Besides all that, you can share songs, movies, TV shows, books, and so on. These tips will make your company’s bonds even harder with its customers, on a personal level. You can also collect the subscribers’ preferences on music and movies, sharing them through newsletters. A lot of readers will relate to it, as their interests are shared.

These newsletters are simple to read and digest. You can always learn something from them. That’s what makes them excellent content to send to others.

We hope to have shared ideas that you can really use in your newsletters. Getting inspired is not always easy, so you can come back to these ideas anytime you need.

These newsletter ideas are amazing, but it will not help you if you do not understand yet what is a newsletter.

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