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How to verify email address Without Sending an Email

Do you know that it is possible to verify email address without sending an email?

There are alternative ways to verify email address without sending an email. It means the outdated practice of sending test emails to your contact lists is far gone.

Replacing this old habit is for the best. That’s because when you send test emails to verify email validity, some of them will certainly bounce, which can cause damage to your reputation as a sender.

Not to mention this practice can take most of your time and effort and return ambiguous returns. So, you may be asking yourself, “how am I going to verify email address without sending an email?”

Well, we shall give you the answer and some alternative ways for you to check if an email is valid in this article.

  • Why do you need to verify email address before sending messages to it?
  • Ways to verify email address without sending an email
  • How to test if an email is valid without sending an email?

Why do you need to verify email address before sending messages to it? 

Let’s go straight to the point and answer this question in the title. You had better verify your email lists in order to protect your deliverability rate and online presence, while you keep types of emails that can destroy your reputation away from you.

Simple as that. When you have a list of contacts, with both valid and fake accounts, and send messages to all of these addresses, some (or the most part) of them will bounce and not be delivered, which is hurtful to your reputation as a sender.

You should know that the more bounced emails you have, the higher are the chances of your company’s address being marked as spam.

By cleaning and removing invalid email accounts from your lists, you will be protecting your domain reputation, besides making sure your messages are hitting real mailboxes.

If you are not yet convinced of the importance of verifying an email address before sending an email, understand that eliminating invalid addresses can boost your ROI.

Keep in mind that all the time and money that you invest in engaged and responsive subscribers, the ones who are truly interested in your business, you can spend less while you achieve better results. As a consequence, the Return on Investment rate (ROI) will be boosted.

Did you learn how and why you should check email addresses validity? It is the ultimate technique to improve your online performance.

Ways to verify email address without sending an email

Verifying email addresses and validating it are initiatives you must have to keep your subscriber lists clean. A common way, but not recommendable, to do so is to send test emails to all the contacts of these lists.

When you send messages to emails that you don’t know for sure are real, you harm your reputation as a sender, and you are also compromising the valid emails inside your lists.

So the best strategy you can have to protect your contacts and your reputation at the same time is to verify email address without sending an email.

How to test if an email is valid? If you are interested in making your daily life easier and having responsive users on your database, we have some useful tips for you:

  • don’t forget to check the email syntax and structure;
  • looking for disposable emails can also be a way of keeping your lists clean;
  • people might fill out registration forms in a hurry or inattentively, which is the perfect scenario for typos, so it is a good idea to keep track of obvious ones;
  • verifying if the email is valid or not manually takes a lot of precious time, especially if your company is large-sized, so you can rely on email verifiers that are available online to speed this task up.

These means of checking your lists will make you verify email address without sending an email. Besides being more practical manners of validating emails, you will be saved from having your reputation hurt. Now let’s see how to check if an email address is valid and how you should put these tips into practice in your daily life.

Syntax validation

Recognizing the structure of an email address is not difficult at all, is it? Without even noticing, you are able to tell that there is something odd with an email address just looking at it.

That’s because all email addresses follow the same structure and pattern, which we call syntax.

Basically, an email has two parts, which are divided by the @ symbol. They are called the local (or username) and the domain:

  • local or username: everything that comes before the @ symbol; in this part, you will find alphanumeric characters (both lower and upper cases), numbers from 0 to 9, and you are allowed to use printable characters ( ! # $ % & ~ ) and a dot.
  • domain: everything that comes after the @ symbol; as in the local part, you can use alphanumeric characters (both lower and upper cases), numbers from 0 to 9, and it can bring the hyphen symbol, too.

As you know, the @ symbol is mandatory in all valid email addresses and sometimes you can find a top-level domain in some domains, a part of the email that brings more detailed information about the domain (for example, “.com”, “.org” or “.net”).

When checking the validity of an email, you can analyze its parts to find out if the address belongs to a real person or if it is still active.

Understanding the syntax of electronic addresses is very useful to verify email address without sending an email. Email addresses can be case sensitive and also, for instance, the local part can’t bring a dot at the beginning or the end of an email, nor use the dot consecutively.

In the domain part, in turn, users can’t use hyphens in the first or last character, nor use them in sequence.

Knowing these rules will make it easier for you to spot invalid or incorrect email addresses immediately and it is a simple way to verify email address without sending an email.

Check for disposable emails

Simply put, a disposable email address can be defined as an alternative version of your real email address, which can be employed in doubtful email marketing campaigns.

When noticing a disposable email is receiving spam, you can easily get rid of the address, deleting it.

In short, it can be a mechanism to protect your online privacy while it also works as a manner of controlling spam.

The use of disposable email addresses attracts users that want to avoid overwhelming their mailbox with too many messages.

Nowadays, several online platforms can provide users with a disposable email address, such as EmailOnDeck.

As disposable emails are temporary and valid at the same time, you might want to detect such addresses and eliminate them from your database after a period.

Finding these disposable emails and temporary domains is another strategy to verify email address without sending an email

Check for obvious typos 

Proofreading the addresses that you have in your email lists is another way to verify email address without sending an email. It might take some time and effort, but it works.

People will give you a wrong email address sometimes, and these typos can be identified and corrected, which turns an invalid address into a real one.

Especially in the domain part, you can identify spelling mistakes and correct them. One of the best ways is to have a real-time verification API at your landing pages and forms that can correct spelling mistakes in real-time even before they arrive at your database.

Use an email verifier

The most effective and easiest way to verify email address without sending an email is to use an email verifier.

Besides identifying fake or typos in email addresses, this tool can find all the outdated information in your lists, such as disposable emails, inactive accounts or domains, as well as all kinds of emails that can have a negative impact on your deliverability rate.

With an email verifier, you can also check emails in bulk, which is extremely useful for large companies. You can do all that, but above all, by having an email verifier, you can verify email address without sending an email.  

How to test if an email is valid without sending an email?

For many years, sending an email to test the validity of addresses was the most employed strategy by markers all over the world.

Over time, people realized this practice hurt the deliverability rate and didn’t have the expected results. This way, marketing team leaders tried to come up with other ideas to verify email address without sending an email.

Some of the alternatives that they found, like checking the email syntax before making any contact with the address, proved to be more effective than sending a test email.

But everything has two sides, and its advantages and disadvantages. For example, checking the email syntax is free and accurate, but it takes a long time to analyze a full list of emails.

Let’s get familiar with other strategies to learn how to check if an email is valid without sending an email and understand what tools can help you with this.

  • You can always google an email address to find out if it is real or not. You won’t know if it is indeed valid, but you will know if it belongs to a real person. If your list isn’t long and you have time to do it, this strategy can replace test emails and protect your deliverability rate.
  • Executing an IP lookup is another strategy to check the validity of an email address. You will need the recipient’s IP address and an IP checker (there are many services online for free). This method is accurate for identifying dangerous addresses but discovering someone’s IP might demand extra work.
  • Performing a DNS lookup is another way to verify email address without sending an email, once it checks the validity of domains. It can also be a way to identify spammy data linked to a certain domain. 
  • The ultimate way to verify email addresses is through an email checker tool. This method is accurate, fast and it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. With an email checker tool, you can check an email’s validity automatically and keep your lists clean.

Free email checker tool

An email checker is a practical and easy-to-use tool, which is able to specify the validity of an account within a few seconds. 

The main purpose of an email checker is to filter invalid and dangerous emails out and remove them from your subscriber lists. 

An email checker analyzes syntax structure, looks for and corrects typos, finds disposable and temporary email addresses, and much more. With an email checker tool you can improve your deliverability rate and keep your company’s reputation safe.

There are many email verifier services available. One of SafetyMails solutions is the free email checker tool, with this you are able to check an email validity for free. If you don’t have too many contacts, it’s a great way to check your list without sending emails.

Email verifier for mailing lists

When your mailing lists are clean, it becomes uncomplicated managing and interacting with your subscribers. 

Working like this, your marketing campaigns will be more successful, with more conversions and sales, because you are going to focus only on an audience that is really interested in hearing from you.

Among the benefits of having an email verifier for mailing lists, such as SafetyMails, we must point out that you: 

  • can increase your ROI and boost your results;
  • can reduce bounce rates;
  • can protect your domain and reputation online;
  • your company’s reputation will be safe;
  • will avoid being blocked and blacklisted;
  • your deliverability rate can be optimized.

SafetyMails can do it and much more for your company. It’s time to optimize your Inbound Marketing strategies and maximize results.

Real-time email verification API

When a user types an email into a registration form that is protected by a real-time email verifier, such as SafetyMails, the field is analyzed for syntax and validity.

As a consequence, other problems can also be avoided, such as spam traps, disposable addresses, junk emails, and many others.

Preventing invalid emails from occurring on your registration forms and landing pages is important for your business.

Email verification service: free or paid option?

An email verification service is an essential tool for your business. Despite having both free and paid options, you have to ask yourself what your demands and necessities are before making any investment.

If your business is small, a free option might be everything you need. If it is large-sized or even a midsize company, you might need more features in an email verifier than the available ones in a free version.

In fact, in all cases, counting on everything an email verification service can offer is an important step to improve your company’s reputation and make the most of your Inbound Marketing initiatives. The investment will certainly pay off. 

Now that you know how to verify email address without sending an email and want to learn also how to improve your company’s reputation, check SafetyMails and find out how we can help you

SafetyMails has an expertise in prevent your whole strategy went to waste because you ended up with several addresses that are not fit to use. In other words, using our email verifier, your collected addresses are real, and can generate engagement.

In case of typos, the service can solicit corrections and reviews, making sure you don’t lose a promising lead. Everything happens in real-time and the email checker api is accurate and fast.

Would you like to know us better? Test now and check emails for free!

Choose SafetyMails email verification tool and see how easy it is to make sure no invalid or harmful addresses get to your subscriber lists!

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