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How to prevent invalid emails?

A very important factor for the good development of a business is directly related to its ability to generate new opportunities while you prevent invalid emails or invalid data going into your database.

Focused on generating as many email leads as possible in the shortest possible time, Digital Marketing managers can make planning errors that compromise the quality of the email records.

Most common form errors

When we analyze registration forms (Landing Pages, newsletter, shopping carts, etc.) it is common to be more concerned with the layout because we believe that the incidence of invalid email addresses is not large.

The real picture actually looks quite different. In fact, we are talking about 20% of all the email bounces on forms (data from Brazil). This increases the cost per Lead and directly impacts your results, since it can reduce your email delivery rate to just 44% (on average).

Changing characters while typing

It can be seen that the most common error on registration forms is primarily related to haste or inattention when we type an email address.

It is evident that on most occasions the visitor has the real intention of correctly registering his email address, but it is not difficult to see cases where they accidently “bump” a keyboard character and letters are typed together (‘ui’, ‘bn’, ‘fg’) or even switched.

Use of invalid characters

Another common mistake is also related to hasty typing: the use of characters that invalidate the syntax of the email address.

We can observe two types of errors in this case:

  1. Inattention: the visitor mistakenly types characters such as semicolons or commas in place on a period
  2. Unknown: the visitor types more than one email address in the same field.

Use of .com.xx instead of .com

Many of the invalid emails identified in registration forms occur by historical mistake: inserting ‘.br’, ‘.mx’ or ‘.co’ at the end of an address that does not have this extension (as in the case of the ‘gmail.com’ domain’).

Blank email field

You may not believe it, but there are many registrations where the email field has been left “blank”.

Temporary email (disposable)

There is a category of emails used by people who are malicious (or fearful): so-called disposable emails.

These email addresses are only valid for a specific period of time (minutes or hours).

How to avoid wasting leads

Some measures can (and should) be taken to minimize the possibility of invalid email addresses on your Landing Pages and forms:

1- Simple critique

It works as a simple email verification when checking the email. The email check is able to identify the absence of characters, such as the at sign (@) and the use of invalid characters, such as the semicolon or the slash.

Eliminates some mistakes, but is unable to check the true validity of the email.

2- Repeat email

Many forms ask the visitor to enter the email address twice, in separate fields, during registration. Who has never used the keyboard ctrl+c/ctrl+v to ‘skip’ this step more quickly?

3- Double Opt-in

Confirmation of registration via email (or double opt-in) presents itself as the solution to the problem of form email verification.

Since the recipient needs to interact with the email that your form sent in order to become part of your database, some obstacles occur:

  • Delay in the return: visitor may not access their email accounts immediately and the confirmation email will be forgotten;
  • Email blocking: your message may be directed to junk mail or spam folder;
  • Impossibility of correction: if the email entered is invalid, no email will reach the recipient, who probably already moved off the form.

4- Real-time verification

The most current solution to avoid email bounces in registration forms seeks to apply the best in existing solutions. This is the verification of emails in real time.

checador de emails

In practice, when a visitor types an email into a registration form protected by a real-time email checker (such as SafetyMails), the field is analyzed for syntax and validity (through domain analysis and the actual existence of the address on that email server).

In addition, other problems are identified, such as spamtraps, disposables, junk emails, among others.

The SafetyMails’ email checker service reduces Lead costs by up to 18% and improves your email marketing results.

Don’t waste time, prevent invalid emails from going into your email lists. Pay attention to your registration forms and optimize your Inbound Marketing costs and results.

Why is it important to implement an email verification service in your strategy?

When you build an email database, you surely want to prevent invalid emails connected in your lists.

However, many people give a fake email address or an invalid one. They can simply make silly spelling mistakes during the registration process in your landing page or newsletters, for example.

SafetyMails has an expertise in prevent your whole strategy went to waste because you ended up with several addresses that are not fit to use. In other words, using our email verifier, your collected addresses are real, and can generate engagement.

In case of typos, the service can solicit corrections and reviews, making sure you don’t lose a promising lead. Everything happens in real-time and the email checker api is accurate and fast.

Would you like to know us better? Test now and check emails for free!

Choose SafetyMails email verification tool and see how easy it is to make sure no invalid or harmful addresses get to your subscriber lists!

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